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26 is the magic number

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I'm increasingly convinced that the number 26 of the Buffalo Sabre's is a lucky number. In the last nine years the players that have worn it have been goal scorers.

I wonder who will wear it at the beginning of next season, I hope it will be Matt Moulson. I would love to see what he can do in a full season for the Buffalo Sabre's. Many people think I'm off my rocker to call him elite, he is, anyone who posses the skill and ability to score like he can season in and out is elite and many GM's think so too so much that they'll hand over a kings ransom for him. For the ney-sayers out there would you consider Bobby Ryan elite? Well Moulson is on the same level as B.R.

I'm split on the sign him/trade him front at a 60/40 split. I know if we trade him we can further our development faster by aquiring picks and players but the Sabres run the risk of loosing him all together as his rights will be with whatever team lands him.

If I had a crystal ball that said we would reaquire him as a free agent I'd be all 100% in trading him, but, my 60% says get him signed as players like him don't grow on trees and his type is what you would hope to develope with draft picks and players.

If you want the players like the Patrick Marlows, Correy Perry's, Patrick Sharps, Evander Kanes and such then you definitely want Matt Moulson.

Trade him or go balls to the walls and sign him?
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