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As a die hard Sabres fan I was disappointed that they lost the 1st over all pick to the Florida Panthers after having the worse record in the league. My conspiracy therorist beliefs smelled rotten fish in Denmark when the news was announced by the N.H.L. The bright spots being Ryan Miller played exceptionally well on a poor team, we got some good talent and picks through trades and we still have a team. As I thought about it the second pick has many benefits to it, one, if the Panthers Pick Sam Bennett that will put the Sabres G.M. Tim Murray in a great position to either use the Pick to take Ekblad or call Craig McTavish and offer to swap picks provided he sends a certain Russian player to Buffalo, one that I think will help Mickael Gregorinko. And Craig McT would salivate at the possibility of getting Ekblad even if it cost Yakupov to get him. So if that can happen we still have some great players to choose from at #3 but I'm more inclined to try to slide down to the #4 slot where we can draft the "German Gretzky" Leon Draisaitl, a hulking, skilled player that fits Tim Murray's size & skill requirements. to a "T".
Never in all my decades as a fan of the N.HL. has there been a G.M. who's ever traded down pick by pick, though it sounds quite far fetched it still has a possibility of being done. Such a move could further stock the Sabres organization with more picks, prospects and players for years and years to come. Some would turn into great trade bait in the future and some may pan out to be good players and some will fizz out. Such a move will make N.H.L. history and will be viewed in every professional sport as true genius. It would be awesome in my lifetime to see my team do such a feat, Leon would look great in a Sabres uniform. My 2nd pick if he slides down would be Josh Ho-Sang.
Remember if Murray can quickly turn this team into a playoff bound team we still have to give Darcey some credit especially after fleecing the inept Garth Snow on the Vanek trade. Resigning M.M. & S.O. would add more salt to the wound.
What do you think?
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