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The Specter returns!

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Last we heard reports of an eeeerie presence serenading in the halls of the Key Bank Center and locker room of the Buffalo Sabres....turn out the lights the parties over.

Now, the ghost of Jim Morrison has appeared before head coach Dan Abysmal in his office, effectively causing a nasty stink and a brown wet patch on Dan's pants. (that's not from him falling on the ice). Also, little pieces of hair have been found on the ground, leading from the coaches office to the bench, and finally to the parking lot. DNA tests indicate the hair is from Head coach Lt. Dan.

Is Lt. Dan Abysmal on his way out?

There it is again! "turn out the lights, whoa! what was that? The Ghost of Sabres future, played by none other than chef boi ardee - Ken Hitchcock!

Who should play the part of the Nutcracker? Sydney Crosby or Brad Marchand?
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July 29, 2021 3:03 PM ET | Delete
I am a regular visitor of this hockeybuzz website and this post will discuss the details regarding the news of The Specter returns. I am a big hockey fan assisted living New York and I am eagerly waiting for the major tournaments. Thank you so much for sharing the details over here. Keep sharing more updates here.
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