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"As it should be................"
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Holy hockey gods, 12 outta 12 points and a 6 game win streak!
Holy hockey gods! Every defense men to take the ice has scored a goal!
Holy hockey gods! Eichel's earning the $10m
Holy hockey gods! TY for Skinner!.

Even before the Pittsburgh game I wasn't totally sold on this team, but I'm really close. We could've easily lost those five previous games and good luck puck bounces don't come that often. None of the games including the Pittsburgh game were puck luck wins. They were wins from a team that's gaining confidence from every single game, and the good thing is you can't really put the finger on one or two particulars players. Even the 4th line is playing great.

When this team makes a mistake they seem to let it roll off their backs continuing to look forward. One such player in the Pittsburgh game I'd like to single out is Ramus Dahlin. Rasmus got burned for the 1st two goals and it looked like he was going from the penthouse to the outhouse. It would be acceptable as part of a rookie learning curve, but, it didn't happen that way, that curve was pretzled by Dahlin as the game progressed.

He was my favorite player after the two blown goals. He's breaking out quite quickly. I'm loving his dipsy doodle in the slot, and his dishing the puck in tight spaces skills. He's confident and on the fly.
I've in past time, campaigned for using certain d-men on the wing like Lindy Ruff was used back in the day. I'd love to see Dahlin on the wing, occasionally. I think it would throw off the other teams when he's used that way.

My 2nd favorite is Cater Hutton.
Carter's easily a top consideration for one of the best off season signings. Skinner and Hutton are neck and neck. I give it to Carter.

Even though Pittsburgh got 4 goals behind the "Baconator", Carter Hutton never looked rattled. He continues to make great saves when the team needs him to, game after game. Once again "The Baconator" stole a game.

Honorable mention to "The Lion eater". He's been a great 4th line leader.

Hey Sabres! Do you think you can start jumping out to say maybe a 3 or 4 goal lead? I'd like to make it to my next birthday, next summer.
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