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Sabres changes

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Wow on paper it looks good, on the ice - peeeeee yewwwww eee buffalo turds all over the place.

I don’t subscribe to the injury bug. The Las Vegas knights have proven that 24 players from the bottom of the NHL barrel, together, can achieve something. Add to that, a goalie carousel that can reach pee wee hockey call ups and still put up points makes my point.

I’m not opposed to a quick shake-up.

So how do you shake up a team?
1) By trading one of your top players for position of need, or,
2) Start lobbing the heads of the coaching staff.

Evander kane’s Name has been coming up a lot since his bad boy behavior reared its ugly head in the 716. Kane has acquitted himself quite well and is a consistant point producer, shot blocker and hitter.
He’s the kind of guy that’s hard to procure if he’s on another team, and, if his name wasn’t Evander Kane a ton of people would say find a way to keep him.
Irregardless of what he’s done off the ice early on in his Sabres career I’ve always been stead fast on keeping Kane and that is something the Sabres front office should make priority #1.

As far as the top 6 go I don’t see a reason to trade any of them, they are a good group so I won’t blog on trading any of them.
I think Brendan Guhle could make a difference to the “d”, call him up.

So, that takes us to #2 fire a coach.

Just like players you have to have a good fit on the coaching staff. If players don’t like and respect a coach they’ll block him out and do things their own way.

Let’s look behind the bench and see who should be on the chopping block!

Associate Coach Davis Payne (nhl experienced player and coach)
Assistant Coach Chris Hajt. (nhl experienced player and coach)
Assistant Coach Tom Ward. (1 of the best h.s. Coaches around)
Goalie Coach. Andrew Allen (nothing notable career wise)
Video Coach Mat Myers

So, two of these guys must go for Phil to save himself.
#1 has to be Andrew Allen.

If you want you goaltending to be good and properly coached you find a guy who was a top talented goalie in the NHL and hire him as goalie coach.
Two come to mind, Arturs Irbe and Dom Hasek.

Arthurs made backup tenders look great. What happened behind closed doors to make him leave?

If Irbe’s not available entice Hasek to join the staff, he’s an all world tender that knows the position way better than Allen and if goalies drop like swatted flies Hasek can suit up instead of Vinz and I’d take him in net over what’s in our system now.

#2 Tom Ward
Great high school hockey coach who’s coached the likes if Sid Crosby Kyle Okposo and many other NHL’ers to come out of St. Marys/Shattuck H.S.

Everbody needs a chance. While he has an impressive amateur hockey resume, just like his career, he has no place being in the NHL. Going from H.S. Hockey to an NHL bench boss is a huge leap and I say let him get earn his way in the AHL.

As far as calling up players, I’m all in on this as opposed to the trade route, which after the top 6 what do you really have to offer? Zip, zilch, nothing.

So the Sabres suck, what’s the harm in bringing up Guhle, Cliff PU or even Nylander?

At least bring up Guhle, the defense is hurting.

Fire the guy who coaches the pp.

P.S. Trade Lehner to Montreal with a 3rd round pick for Galchenyuk.
November 11, 2017 12:19 PM ET | Delete
"P.S. Trade Lehner to Montreal with a 3rd round pick for Galchenyuk."This is a joke right?
November 12, 2017 10:03 AM ET | Delete
Well, look on the ice, it’s a joke, a Sabres team that sucks no matter who plays on the team, coaches the team or general manages the team. Stop hiring people who get on the job training behind the bench and the gm position and hire legit people.
November 14, 2017 12:10 PM ET | Delete
Galchenyuk isnt even worth the 3rd. Canadiens going nowhere without Price
November 14, 2017 10:51 PM ET | Delete
Canadiens weren't going anywhere with Price either.
November 15, 2017 5:13 PM ET | Delete
Well LEs habitants claim aunty niemi off waivers so I guess I don’t get to waiver by by to Robin Lehmer.
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