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Hutton for President

Posted 11:12 PM ET | Comments 0
7 straight wins, 14 out of 14 pts.

My vote for POTUS is Carter Hutton. This guy continues to steal wins for the Buffalo Sabres.

After a spectacular 1st period by The Buffalo Sabre's, periods 2 & 3 were lack luster. In period 2 the Flyers potted 2 goals to the Sabre's none. I was praying The Sabre's weren't going to become the prey of a come from behind victory by the Philadelphia Flyers in our barn on a Thanksgiving Eve game.

If your looking for something to be thankful for besides your family, health and friends, look no further than the guy in the blue paint, The Baconator, once again he makes the big saves that made the big difference in this game. If you don't agree with me do you think Robin Lehner would've made those saves in close? NO.

Since the L.A. game Carter Hutton has stolen multiple games for the Sabre's. We could've easily lost almost all those points if not for the stellar play of Carter Hutton.

If not for Hutton and Skinner where we be?
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