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Well Jacks on a terror scoring 5 goals in two games. I’m certain Jack would love to trade some goals for victories. I know I would.

Kirby Dach is all the hawks needed to scalp the Sabres as Buffalo could only muster one goal by the red hot captain, Jack Eichel. Dach was tonight’s story as the rookie scored the first two goals of the contest. Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews score the other two Hawk goals.

Late in the third Tage “bad luck “ O’Rielly Thompson left the ice with his arm hanging limp.

Bringing up players from the farm isn’t the solution for the Sabres. G.M.J.B. has to make a move before the possibility of the playoffs disappears.

I said it before, hit this team and they fold up their tent. Ever since the Kings game the Sabres haven’t been the same.

Is NOvember once again, the month we fall out of contention?

Will there be a trade?

Who should we realistically go after, what can we afford?

I’d like to see the Sabres go after Anthony DuClaire. He fits the age group and would fit in well. Can we pry him for say Vesey?
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