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Time for changes.

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I was going to blog about the Sabres making a trade to change things up but I'm scrapping that idea for something bigger that'll preserve the prosperity of the game and its participants.

The NHL, the on-ice officials, offending player & their team should be held accountable every time a vicious hit takes a player out of the game.

I propose this new rule for such instances.

All four of the aforementioned entities shall be fined. The NHL for not training the on-ice officials correctly, the team because it's their offending player, the on-ice officials because they missed a vicious, blatant attack that should've been called. And finally the offending player.

The offending player shall be suspended until his victim returns to the game and all fines collected shall go to the victim player.

New, stringent rules have to be instituted and vigorously enforced or else more players will prematurely retire as Mario Lemieux did and more players will suffer brain injuries that could lessen their quality of life.
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