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Duck hunt

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I'm going to start this one off saying I'm giving Phil some slack, so, I'm gonna take a chill.

The Buffalo Sabres flew into Anaheim for some duck hunting after the dethronement of the L.A. Kings turning it around in good fashion on this Western coast swing.

The money players have been playing, the defense has been scoring, Rasmaii scoring, the PP finally scores, going 2 for 4. And, Zemgus has elevated his play and, damn! Patrick Berglund also scores. albeit an en'r.

Talking about elevating play, Capt. Jack Eichel has elevated his play AND! Skinner's on fire!

I tuned in late when it was 2 - 0. I'm thinking "crap" like all of Sabre Nation. Then! all of a sudden! it's 2 -1 and the Sabres commentator says "they still have time for another" **BAM**** the games tied.

This is what I want from my team.

Every Sabre contributed to this game, whether it was a good play in the d-zone, a heavy hip check along the boards, smart passing, assisting or scoring, clearing the puck, we played a solid team game, period 2 on. Sabers have to tighten it up in 1st period play.

Capt. Jack led the way and everyone's following. Jack's using his speed, his puck handling skills to create space and points. Jeff Skinner looks like he's having fun! Crafty as hell, like his wrists are craftsman sockets and his feet on a swivel. He's doing his Jeff Skinner thing maybe pushing Eichel and vise versa.

Even an old favorite like Pommenville made a sweet play and he's been playing sweet. He may not be as fast as he used to be but he's putting himself in the right spot to make plays and he's a consummate professional on and off the ice. I hope he keeps it up.

And what I consider the play of the game...............drum role please!

Johan Larsson saving the biscuit in the blue paint late in the 3rd with the Ducks pressing hard, Hutton making saves, the overhead shot shows the puck right by the goal line and Larson saves the day sweeping the puck away! Way to make your contribution Johan!
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