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"As it should be................"
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In the absence of legit management and coaching.

Jesus TP, when will you stop hiring jr management who in turn hires a head coach in training who hires a high school coach to help run the team.

Is there anyone in the house right now that thinks Chiarelli’s looking like a genius compared to GMJB?

Chiarelli at least addressed a team need, GMJB did not. Botteril expects the fan base to believe that this is the best offer we got for EK9? If so, that’s a hard slap in the face to fan base.

There wasn’t one team that would’ve gave up a good defenseman and. 1st?


In his post deadline presser GMJB to me had that “ooops I really messed up” quiver in his voice. I tend to believe there were way better offers from December on for Kane but our junior g.m. played his games and lost.

If I was Terry and Kim Pegula I’d be very upset with Jason Botteril for giving up a bar of gold for a dark green plastic bag full of empty milk cartons, egg shells and cat litter.

Fire WOWEE how crappy he is Housley. Housley’ hiring of Chadduck St. Mary’s High School coach Tom Ward should have been nullified by management and ownership. Andrew Allen is another coach in training that should’ve never been hired.

The assembled coaching staff don’t belong behind an N.H.L. Bench. The coaches are a perfect example of “you get what you give”, give your NHL club a sub-par staff and you get sub-par performance. Couple that with our “Let’s Make a Deal” Green garbage bag and you get a large step back in the rebuild. GOOD JOB!

Before the season started I thought on paper we had a good team but man did Buffalo lay a big fat, stinky, smelly, steaming turd! Peee eeewww!

Under Housley and the H.S. Crew our PP went from #1 in the league to last place in the Front Park Pee wee League.

Can’t wait until next season when the lights go down and the team gets introduced under the spot light, the public address announcer excitingly introduces #9, Grrrrreeen Garbge Bag fuuuul of trash!

An awesome 1st line:
Garbage bag- Eichel - Reinhart

Defense pairing
Ristolainen - Garbage bag

Garbage bag plays a 200’ game on offense and defense! As a matter of fact you can throw Bag on the ice anytime and he’ll immediately impact the game. (I heard he’s prone to tripping calls).

Awesome 1st trade deadline Terry, Kim, Jay Jay and wow-wee.
February 27, 2018 12:02 PM ET | Delete
You're a moron.
February 27, 2018 5:38 PM ET | Delete
And you’re an obsessive masterbator.
March 1, 2018 11:18 PM ET | Delete
Keep smoking crack, these blogs are hilarious!
March 2, 2018 2:49 AM ET | Delete
Negative positive it really doesn’t matter tonto. EK9 is looking great I SJ.
March 7, 2018 4:09 PM ET | Delete
I went to Chadduck St Mary's when I wasn't quite good enough for ShattuckOddly enough, no ducks named Chad there
March 9, 2018 12:22 AM ET | Delete
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