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"As it should be................"
hamburg, NY • United States •
That cow pasture is the Key Bank Center, home of the Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo has turds on its crest. No kidding!!!!! it's the 2nd logo on the NHL approved 4th jersey. If you look closely next game you'll see the micro size crap falling out behind the running Buffalo. There's three of them!!!! OMG! a trinity of crap!!!!

Every time the Buffalo's out to pasture, feeding on the other team they swoosh their tails, kick their legs at flies and boom! they step on a self imposed land mine, coughing up the puck, either 5 on 5 or the power play and they get scored on. Poor Roby Lehner, that's all he steps on everytime there's a shoot out. Shell shocked I say!

And how about the legions of you crying for the head of Evander Kane. And if that happened we'd be haunted by the opposite, negative locker room energy presence of a headless Evander Kane horseman scoring double hatricks and knocking 3 Sabres from the game everytime he appears in addition to the ghostly presence of Jim Morrison thats been seen by both the staff and some Sabres players that'll still be carooning the hallways for years to come, singing the same song, at the same time of year, over and over again! " The musics over turn out the light"

Here's an excuse from a Sabres player (who shall remain anonymous) when he turned over the puck at the blue line and the opposing player skated in and scored.

"OMG coach I saw him on daw ice and I was scared by the evil nasty ghost at da bwew wine! I fwoze! then bad guy from the other team stole the puck and scored, it wasn't my fawt".

What else could happen to poor W.N.Y.? Our fault line becomes 5 x more active than the San Andreas Fault in California!!!!!!

After the horrendous losses coming off the bi-week any wins are pointless, just as it is having Dan Abysmal as our head coach.
I understand we had a lot of man games lost to injuries to key players for long stretches of time but, that's where your team needs more scoring support from the 3rd line and the defense needs to tighten up and then check to see their if balls are attached and grow some gumption.

I believe this is a coaching failure. What does the team do in practice? Play some bubble hockey, listen to tunes then go out partying? I understand that the media blows things out of porportion but if theres 1 ioda of truth to the rumor of not buying into the coaches system, it's time for the coach to go. It's the easiest change but it's also 3 coaches in the last how many years? Still, (ok everybody, at the same time with inflection in your voices), YOU'RRRRRRRRRRRE FIIIIIIII-URRRRRRRRRED!
(At this time, when you're finished saying the phrase, pump a generous amount of hand sanatizer into the palm of your hand from the bottle attached to your hip)

What other excuse could the team have? Perhaps they're suffering from the flu and dehydration, for, umm the last, ummmm 60 some games?


Tim Murray should be put on notice, if the team fails next year, all together now! YOU'RRRRRRRE FIIIIIIIII- URRRRRRRRRRED!!!!
(At this time, when you're finished saying the phrase, pump a generous amount of hand sanatizer into the palm of your hand from the bottle attached to your hip)
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