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As an avid Sabre's fan I was hoping St. Louis would make the Western Conference finals so we can score yet another 1st rd pick in this years draft. Our chances for that happening are slim to nil now that St. Louis has seen what Ryan Miller really is as a clutch player. I don't care about his Olympic MVP, yesterday's ball scores don't win today's game period.rnrnRyan Miller was at best a middle of the pack goaltender. True champions can raise their level of play, Mr. Miller in my eyes, that have watched his career in Buffalo, does not have that athletic instinct to be one of the best. However thy eyes have seen Dominic Hasek, and, clearly one of the best to play between the pipes in the National Hockey League.rnrnUnlike Haseks trade we raped the willing in the trade with the Blues and if the slim to none chance actually pans out and we resign or trade Chris Stewart for another 1st rounder then we straight out super robbed them.rnrnAs much as I hate to give credit where credit is due because his disastrous 17 year tenure as G.M., thank you Darcy Regier for the Goose Gaustad trade and the others that came afterward, they we truly genius. When everyone from WGR sports commentators to other media and public persons thought you over valued your talent you did the unthinkable and pulled many rabbits out of a ratty hat.rnrnNow The Buffalo Sabre's have THEE best stocked shelves of prospects in the league. Where some may not pan out we have enough of them to play the odds.rnrnI don't have to wish Ryan Miller good luck as he's been lucky as a leprechaun when it came to pay day.
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