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I bet there were a ton of kids wishing for a Sabres victory in the 3 p.m. matinee down at the Key Bank Center in Buffalo. Little did the kids or anyone else for that matter, know they were going to get more than what they wished for as N.H.L. history happened right before their very eyes!

The power play, as lethal as a sharpened blade struck upon a hanging rack of ribs, kept up the antics as Victor Goaloffson set an N.H.L. rookie record scoring his first seven goals on the power play! Not bad for the 181st pick five years ago. His progression to the N.H.L. is a dream scenario for any general manager.

Patience has paid off for the Sabres as finally, a late-round pick pans out in a big way. One team that comes to mind is the Detroit Red Wings. The Wings have always had luck in the later rounds of the draft, like when they drafted H.O.F.'R Pavel Datsyuk 6th rd, 171st overall in 1998 and then turned around finding H.O.F.'r Henrik Zetterberg, 7th rd, 201st overall in 1999.

Datsyuk and Zetterberg combined for 2035 GP, 651 g, 1,227 a, 1,878 pts with a plus-minus of 409. Simply the best late-round picks I could remember.

I can't compare Goaloffson as his career is just beginning, but from the sample size, he very well could be in the same company after all is said and done.
The power-play unit played the sequence as if they were focused on one thing, getting Olofson the puck, going back to Oli again and again until finally a new N.H.L. record was set by a Buffalo Sabre, a rookie none-the-less.

It seems to be that Victor is well-liked by his teammates! Congrats to Victor!

And it appears like the Frölunda Indians are a superstar factory. If I was G.M.J.B. I'd have a scout or two camping out there.

So, kids' wishes do come true! It was nice to see that we didn't have to be too careful about what you wish for as the final tally saw goals 5v5 and the power-play, four different scorers, Olafson, Reinhardt, Skinner and another great addition, Marcus Johansson and a shut-out by Carter Hutton.

Ticket promo was, buy one adult ticket and get up to three at a discount price and worth every penny.
What a performance for the kids attending and watching on t.v. as well as all other Sabre fans around the world!

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