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"As it should be................"
hamburg, NY • United States •
That is the question when it comes to WOWEE Housley.

I think Housley lost the locker room as evidenced after multiple games throughout the season. The most embarrassing losses being the multiple shutouts recently experienced by the team and its fans. There's no excuse for how this team has played. They want Housley out, I wanted Housley out last season.

Too bad there wasn't a forfeit option to spare Sabres fans from watching the rest of the season. Are there 2 possibly 3 more shutouts in the Sabres future this season?

Second question: where does Skinner sign? I think if he was to resign in the 716 it would've already be done. I think it was worth the gamble when Botts got him, but, a gamble that he's eventually to loose.
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