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Oshie can you see

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By the red goal light, What so proudly they prevailed.......

Yes hockey fans it's the closest to the Olympics that you'll see NHL player play in!!!

The United States vs. Canada in the N.H.L. playoffs and it was the U.S.A. off to a 2- 0 lead vs. Canada in Toronto off the sticks of #8 and OOOOOOshieeeee. Toronto didn't lay down on this one as they fought back and almost tied it, and they might've done that if it wasn't for four leaf against 1 Capitol and guess who came out ahead? T.J. Oshie laid a greztkyin shot on the glove side of Freddy Anderson.

The Leafs did not lie down, they fought back and scored a goal but the song was playing in the Caps favor "time is on my side", and for now the series turns into the best of four.

Take notice the Leafs have arrived. They were healthy all season long and well coached all season long. I believe next season should the leafs have an injury bug they'll be alright as the Marlies are on the same winning path as the parent club unlike the mess right in Buffalo.
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