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hamburg, NY • United States •
Terry Pegula, Terry Murry! pick up it's Mark calling with urgent business! If by any chance the Sabres and Ducks are tickling each others toes if I was Terry, either one I'd be asking about two ducklings by the name of Jakob Silfverberg & Nick Sorenson then I'd be calling Tampa Bay about Adam Erne. Seeing the talent pool is more like a pond in this years draft I'd be fishing in last years pond. You have 2 lefties and a rightie all 6' 1" 200 lbs. with the exception of Erne who's the lightest at 185 lbs. but that boy can be fattened up with the fat from Pegulas wallet. Just imagine what having Adam Erne could do for a disgruntled Grigorenko. Is there a possibility of the chemistry being rekindled like they had in Quebec under now Avalanche coach Patrick Roy? Then another line of Silfverberg and Sorenson, that would fill in my traing camp question marks from my other blog for 3rd and 4th liners.rnYea, yea, yea, I hear the critics already complaining about those guys on lines 3 and 4 but unless they show a skill set that says other wise I'd be happy to see them there and if they don't make the big club imagine what they could do down in Rochester! another championship for the flower city!
February 13, 2014 5:05 PM ET | Delete
Terry Murray is the Ottawa GM, not Anaheim. Bob Murray is the Anaheim GM
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