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Petition for Don

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In a religiously, governmental influenced, over-sensitive society we must practice what we preach. I for one forgive and forget Don Cherry's rant & thank it's a huge loss for all of hockey and an opportunity for the growth of one of the best hockey markets, Buffalo, N.Y.

I believe Don's sincere in his response to his firing. Forgive him.

Don didn't wear blackface make-up multiple times, Don didn't molest your kids at your gothic place of worship. But every day people still enter its doors and financially support the organization even after the church appointed investigator of church sex allegations got accused himself.

And, Don is not jeffrey epstien, one of his politically powerful friends or a member of some royal family that epstein trafficked a kid to. The people he catered to are scared in their boots about being exposed are doing anything they can to cover their tracks. But yet, Don Cherry's been excommunicated.

Dons rant is minuscule in comparison but seems to be held up as a higher crime as told by the media and those who don't support Cherry. Those people need to chill and reevaluate. What if YOU made a slip of words you didn't mean, wouldn't YOU want forgiveness?

Be the city of brotherly love and reach out and embrace him and he will positively contribute to our community.

Bring Coaches Corner to Buffalo. Wouldn't it be especially great for the Toronto games?
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