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Okay first off, The NHL and the NHLPA both missed the PR boat by not getting the Kovalchuk thing done on TV. They could have has live streaming of who gets to be the arbitrator between Judge Joe Brown and Judge Judy, then they could have had a fan vote and a reality TV program. A show that follows Kovalchuk's wife on a shopping spree when the credit card gets declined, Kovalchuk's agent crying after the ruling, the arbitrator getting in a screaming match with Kovalchuk and Bettman giving high fives to everyone. I personally would love the screaming match,

"Listen Ilya, you ain't got no monies up in here, respec' yo'self and sign for like...not till your 90 or somethin!"
"OHHHHH no you did'int!!!!"

That would have been great T.V. They seriously lost out here and we're all poorer for it. Hopefully they will get it back on track for the Donald Trump apprentice series that hires the NHLPA leader.

So now we have to wait for another week to find out that Kovy will sign in NJ again. Also we will track Forsberg and monitor the Sundin errr... Kaberle trade.


The Hockey News will release it's predictions here right away and it looks like they are predicting Florida to finish last in the east and (chuckle chuckle snicker snicker) Edmonton in the West...

I know I know I shouldn't go there, the Flames didn't make the playoffs either and the Oilers have every reason to be optimistic in the future but not next season future more like two or three seasons away kind of future. Ask any pool geek and they will tell you about the four year rule, that is typically a break out year for players so even if Hall, Eberle and Svensson do start this year it might be three or four years before they see the results. The best part of that is that they will still have to deal with three very good RFA salaries in a few years while contending with Gilbert's inflated Salary and Horcoff's untradeable contract...should be interesting!


Lots of chatter about center's on the Flames, I think I've given up on the idea of a number one guy and have just accepted the four number 2's theory they are rolling with! You can't check a scoring line when there is none!

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