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Right now as it stands the Flames are looking grim, bumping up against the cap with a little wiggle room and sitting at .500, this seems like a great time to make up some trade posibilities and use some facts as well.

Recently there was a rumor circulating that Kovalev was a target of the Calgary Flames for Tanguay, obviously based on the points Tangauy gets and the fact Kovalev is overpriced means this is a one up deal that would never happen. Having said that, perhaps where there's smoke there's fire.

Consider that next year the Flames will, at the very least, have to resign Dion Phaneuf, but possibly Langkow and Huselius as well. How can this be acheived? By Sutters own admission the flames will lose 5-6 players every year. Right now the Flames have around $46,000,000.00 in commited payroll for THIS year so where to trim fat and who to trade for?? Here's my take.

Trim the fat:
Craig Conroy- 2.85 million and 3 points so far and promote Nystrom for 690,000 and save... $2,155,000
Marcus Nilson- 1 mil great guy but we have several like him and promote prust saving roughly .5 million
Owen Nolon- 1.75 million brings a lot of aspects but not points
Rhett Warrener at 2.5 million- his speed is a liability now bring back giordano at 2 million saving .5 (yes we still have Giordano's rights)

So there is 7 million in replaced players however Kipper will be making roughly half of that in his upgrade and regher takes another roughly 1 million out as well leaving only 2.5 million (only)

Now two HUGE payrolls that could be looked at are Aucoin at a whopping $4 million!! Tanguay at $ 5.75 Million...over 9 million...

Now here comes my thought, if I was G.M.

Trade Tanguay to Montreal but not for Kovalev but Ryder and hopefully another good young player or an outstanding draft pick/s. Having a french Canadian NHL star coming in to town is worth something for the habs! Admit it! It's win/win, the flames lose the huge salary but gain a sniper who at this point would come cheap. In addition one of the Flames' better prospects, Daniel Ryder Mike's younger brother, has recently left the organization for what is rumored to be lack of will to play the game...would his Brother playing on the big club change his mind?? This move would save you roughly 2.5 Million in Salary.

Next is Move Aucoin... he's playing pretty well right now but his Salary is crazy and the Flames will be burdened with it for another year, if no takers come than ask him to renegotiate to lower the cap hit or go to the minors, I'd love to see him here at maybe 2/3 or even half the price. At this time the blue jackets are looking for an offensive defensman... This move would save around 4 million.

So with those two moves and trimming the fat the flames would be left with anywhere between 6-9 million, divy that up between your remaining free agents and you might be able to retain the big three free agents in Phaneuf, Langkow and Huselius (maybe). So with the SAME salary you have now your forward lines go from:

Tanguay Langkow Iginla
Huselius Conroy Nolon
Nilson Lombardi Moss
Goddard Primeau yelle


Huselius Langkow Iginla
Boyd (?) Lombardi Ryder
Prust Nystrom Moss (awesome young fast line here)
Goddard Primeau Yelle

My big one is Craig Conroy, I love the guy but this isn't 4-5 years ago, he doesn't have that magic with iggy anymore and Keenan has to stop thinking he does, it's costing them games. There is at least two more prospects with a shot at coming up as well and a lot of "d" in the system as well. Your thoughts are welcome!
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November 8, 2007 2:32 PM ET | Delete
the leafs will trade you half our team for iggy!
November 8, 2007 2:51 PM ET | Delete
Right now the Flames have roughly $36.25 million (as a cap hit) commited to 6 forwards, 5 dmen and a goalie for next season. That leaves about $14 million, if they spend $50 million. So there definitely are some big decisions to be made, considering they need to sign Dion, and still fill 7 forward spots, a dman and a goalie. And I agree with you that moving Tanguay is a serious possibility, as we can fill the roster with some younger/cheaper talent. Although I don't think Huselius resigns with us next year, just a gut reaction though. Well thought out/organized blog.
November 8, 2007 11:19 PM ET | Delete
I won't pretend to have anything of merit to add to your comments s.o. nor can I offer any opinions about your potential scenarios, but I read it all, and hats off for, as sirwin said, a well thought out and well organized blog. Plus, your research shows. I'd say the chess games that GM's must play have grown more difficult.
February 14, 2008 6:02 PM ET | Delete
I agree, very well planned and thought out blog definately an interesting read. However I disagree with your logic behind it, Alex Tanguay set a career high for points last year and asked for a different role this year to become "a more complete hockey player". Trading for Micheal Ryder and prospects isn't my idea of a fair trade. We would essentially be getting a player on his downswing as Ryder has had a terrible season in Montreal thus far.As for trading Nolan and Aucoin I don't see it happening, I agree we have to "trim the fat" but not with Veteran leadership and a strong presence on the blue line. Nilsson, Lombardi,Nystrom and Huselius are all expendable. I think you have to be reasonable and think if we drop all of our key players we have alot of inexperienced players bidding for what is said to be a contending team. Don't get me wrong I would love to see the development of Boyd, Lombardi, Prust etc. and believe it will happen but in do time. With the signing of Dion and an expected Salary cap raise projected for $53 million we should be able to get decent trades for some of our developing players allowing us to lock up well if this were to happen.....just Langkow.Thanks for the debate. Chris
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