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Burning thoughts

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As a fan, and with all fans, we tend to look at our respective teams with rose coloured glasses (yes "colour" is spelled that way up here) so I have tried to limit my expectations of the Calgary Flames and objectivley look at the mid summer squad as it is.

The major aquistions of the off season are:
Iron Mike behind the bench- my thoughts on this guy before he landed here basically consisted of a ten time loser coach living off of a hard ass rep and a stanley cup win. And that's accurate. His teams since the rangers have been poor but his well documented habit of keeping youth down and goalies pulled is worrysome. I was the most vocal of anyone I know in taking it out of playfair though, so how can I complain when all I said all season was, "if only we had an eperianced coach, who wins the cup with a rookie coach??" I may be regreting my wish I fear.

Owen Nolan- I used to love this guy in San Jose, character, grit, gamer... years and years ago mind you but even finding the negative in him I have to say a proven leader who might get 10-20 goals behind Iginla is a good pick up.

Cory Sarich- I haven't honestly seen him enough to know but everything I read of have heard has told me that he is a solid blueliner, is he as solid as Hamrlik or Stuart however?? Is the contract one of those contracts you look at 2 years from now and say, "if only Sarich wasn't on the cap..."

Now Eklund is reporting a rumor of Warrener moving, I see this as highly unlikely unless d is coming back, he has been injured but what a charachter player when he is healthy, I don't see him moving unless it substantial. In fact I don't forsee anyone moving until training camp and I think a few contracts could move as the likes of Boyd, Prust, Nystrom and Taratu...taretu...that russian guy make their claim here in with the big club.

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