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So Theo has come out and said that Conroy should be held accountable for not scoring in 37 games, and that the Flames should trade Regehr. His most outlandish statement was that "stupid people" run hockey and one could say that he meant the Sutters in Calgary. Personally I'm not offended by what he said, if Conroy was not such a likeable guy and someone you just want to root for he would be torn apart in Calgary just like Rob Neidemeyer was, another defensive player who went long bouts without scoring. Regehr has been almost afraid to step up and hit this season, he simply lets players skate in the zone but not get behind him, overly responsible you might say. So if Theo says he should be traded because he's not intimidating to play against anymore than let the man speak his mind. If Theo thinks he could have scored more than Conroy I don't see why he can't express that and have people disagree with him, aren't we being a little too hard on him? I personally saw Theo play and he wasn't fast enough anymore regardless of his hands or heart or physical shape, he wasn't fast enough...he would have been killed out there. That is my opinion on it and Theo can disagree with me on it but I would never say he can't have his opinion...no matter how wrong.


The Flames have the Blackhawks in their head and the Avs aren't very far behind. The Avs are in the NW race simply because they have Calgary's number, should the wins go the other way they aren't even in the conversation right now. The Flames have once again given all of their fans reason to doubt they can get it done when the intensity is stepped up. They beat Vancouver but it was hardly convincing to me, a shoot out win, and a loss in the shoot out to the Avs makes it seem to me they are barely holding on. I think the team does need some changes, I won't speculate who or where but let's just say there's a couple "core" players that I think are not all they're cracked up to be.

You may not want to hear it but the Flames were out coached last night, the Avs' system is better and they executed it and they won because of it. Sure they were out shot by a ton but they weren't prime shots, sure they got a little roughed up but in general showed more heart. I'm really tired, as a fan, of hearing we didn't skate hard enough, we didn't have the intensity but even more I hate hearing, "we took a lot of positives from that!!" Give me a break. You lost with every advantage and a two man power play in over time and you see where you did good? Shame on you.


Burrows... The kid is great, in fact I think Vancouver has the best team in the NW and a top three in the West, they are better than Calgary. I'm on the record as saying that now! Burrows called out an official who was "paying him back" for what the ref thought was a dive in Nashville by giving him penalties on questionable plays. I love that Burrows called this "Ref" out and that he had to know he was going to take a financial hit and still did it. That ref will never call a Stanley Cup final now and might not be allowed to ref Vancouver games, tell me that doesn't get his goat? Love it.


Laser guy in Vancouver...does Kipper scare you that much really? That you need to shine a laser in his retina? Were you the same guy who through his jersey on the ice in '04? Loser. Enjoy the game!
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