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The one forgotten aspect of Kotalik is that before he was traded to Calgary he had the Flames as one team he didn't want to go to, there was speculation that he would take the trade and go play in the KHL this year which would have been a much better trade for Calgary then. Having Higgins for a couple months is better than having Jokinen for a couple months. We'll see! It wouldn't be the first time this happened.


The NHL awards were awesome, unfortunately I can not get the pictures up on this blog, either I'm totally inept at HTML or my server here is confusing things (any easy tips would be appreciated). Anyway it was a full day of hockey lovers paradise.

The Palms was the host hotel for the event, me and my Fiancé first arrived in the morning to get our tickets and they were setting up the Red Carpet, we were a little earlier as the box office hadn't opened up yet so we wandered around. As we approached the front desk, hoping the concierge could help us, my Fiancé asked me, "who is that guy?". Honestly I think I was checking out a guy win big on a slot machine ( Like at least $2.00 big ) when she asked me so I didn't even notice that Ryan Kesler was right there signing autographs. If you are an autograph hound, this is the event for you!! I have a few signed pictures, Ovechkin, Fleury etc but there were guys wandering around with their hockey card books or 30 glossy pictures looking for an autograph.

The Red Carpet was entertaining, if you want to know what I look like you can see me over the players' shoulders as they are being interviewed, that will be the closest I ever get to being on the NHL network in any capacity! Some notes from the red Carpet:

Vegas is super hot this time of the year, stay in the shade.
Miss Nevada had a dude wander around with a sign that says her name. People still asked who she was.
Tyler Myers is like jolly green giant tall.
Gary Bettman is like keebler elf short.
Pavel Datsyuk is very ugly. wow.
Hank Sedin...if that indeed was Hank, is actually a pretty nice guy.

I had a great conversation with Joel Quinville, it went something like this:
SO- Hey Joel, Congratulations!
JQ- Thank you.

Inside the event we were met with some disappointment, Snoop dog was supposed to perform, and to all of you at home he did, except it was pre-recorded so we basically saw what you saw. A video. This little jerk producer comes out and talks to everyone like their in the 5th grade:

Jerk Producer guy: Okay everyone...everyone listen to me... sit down...sit down please...good audience...No I'll just wait until the party animals come in. Are we all seated?? finally. Good. Listen, snoop isn't performing live, he had to leave the country or something due to legal problems so he was already recorded but you have to cheer like he's actually playing okay?? Good Audience. We're starting in five minutes.

Then a guy next to me starts chatting me up and says he works for the flyers selling sponsorships, we talk a bit and he then asks,"how many cups do you think there are?"

I was baffled, so I responded," Well there';s the Calder, The vezina, The ja..."
"No No...how many Stanley cups"
"UH...there is only one Stanley Cup dude... there's some replicas for advertizing and extra rings get taken off after time..."
"So how many?"
"Uh...what are you talking about?"
I have a feeling that I should work for the Flyers because it appears their staff isn't all that well informed.

Jay Mohr was hilarious. Great host. No Big surprises but I thought Maybe Myers didn't deserve the Calder but Defense is so hard to play I get the argument but I had to think maybe those east coast writers didn't see a lot of a certain rookie from the Avs...anyway...

The show wrapped up and with the tickets to the show you get two tickets to the after party at the Palms pool. I didn't know what to expect but this made up for not having snoop perform. Free booze, free appetizers, you get to mingle with hockey heroes and celebrities. Just a great time.

My Fiancé is a great photographer so she was being a super good sport and getting me in shots all night.

I met, amongst many, Brett Hull, Ted Lindsay (that was awesome), Ron Mclean, Steven Stamkos, Jennifer Hedger, Jay Mohr...and last and least Gary Bettman.

If I figure out how to add the pics I'll post some pics of it.

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June 29, 2010 2:12 PM ET | Delete
LMAO! Greatest story ever...I had a great conversation with Joel Quinville, it went something like this:SO- Hey Joel, Congratulations!JQ- Thank you.
June 29, 2010 2:37 PM ET | Delete
Hey Sane...might be easier to put the pictures on Flickr and then post a link to it.Great blog.
June 29, 2010 3:47 PM ET | Delete
Thanks for sharing. I bet there were a lot of hotties at the after party.
June 29, 2010 4:07 PM ET | Delete
Flames34- I have a pretty sweet photo of me and jennifer hedger... lol her and sean mccormic(sp?) were both super nice people.
June 29, 2010 9:54 PM ET | Delete
nice post, very entertaining
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