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World Junior Randoms

Posted 3:42 PM ET | Comments 3
Canada looks great this year, the U.S. team looks fantastic as well, I'm really looking forward to the game tomorrow! Led by Derek Stepan ( N.Y. Rangers) the U.S. has more than a few weapons to worry about, I love their speed and finally seeing creativity out of the U.S. program.

To be a World Champion you have to be in a sport that the world participates in and beat other countries in order to claim that title, for example is the "World Series" really the WORLD series? Wouldn't the Olympics be a better place to call the baseball champion that? Too often Americans are accused of self aggrandizing, calling the champions of sports played only in America (with the exception of MLB Toronto...but they don't really count anyway) "world" champions. Here is chance tomorrow for Americans to stand up and rightfully claim, "We are world Champions!", and I wish them luck.

The Calgary Flames drafted Greg Nemisz in the first round two years ago and you have to wonder if they feel they might have egg on their face. The only Canadian forward to not have a point while Oilers prospect Jordan Eberle leads the team, in addition the Oilers have Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson who led Sweden this time around...

Jake Allen has .932 GAA, 2 shut outs in four games, St. Louis seems to draft incredible all of the time!

While Taylor hall has been all he was chalked up to be the play of Nino Niederreiter of the Swiss team has not gone un-noticed, his game in the world juniors might make him a top 10 pick in the up coming draft.

Was anyone disappointed when Russia was defeated in an upset against the Swiss? I mean except Russians? Lets hope for more of the same in the Olympics!

The "Eh-Oh-Canada-Go" chant has officially been granted it's own facebook club...the club is "People who think the new ehohcanada go chant is a national embarrassment"...amen.

Green Jerseys are dumb. I do not care that the tournament is in Saskatchewan, Canada has a flag, the colours are red and white. If you bought a green Jersey, congratulations you just bought a jersey that they will wear again never.

January 4, 2010 5:05 PM ET | Delete
What a terrible tournament for Canada outside of the hockey.The green jerseys, the insanely dumb chant, as well as the building only being sold out in Saskatoon so far for the New Years Eve game. In 2012 here in Calgary, we'll show those prairie folks, and the world, how it's done.
January 4, 2010 5:34 PM ET | Delete
I think the chant is terrible for Canada and if anyone sees those green jerseys they will not thinks it's the Canadians. Good luck against the americans!
January 5, 2010 9:38 AM ET | Delete
Green jerseys for Canada are just stupid. Cormier and Kadri seem to have a combined IQ of 7...expect a completely unnecessary and idiot penalty, as usual. (Hope it doesn't cost us the game.) McMillan is easily the best overall player on the team...he can seem to do it all. Tourny hasn't been as much fun this year without Canada facing Sweden or Russia or even the Czechs or Fins...
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