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Dustin Boyd practiced with the number one line, and while Keenan isn't known for sticking to one line all game, it does show that the Flames' drafting has improved since Sutter took over.

A quick look at the roster for this current year will show that the drafting done since Sutter took over is helping the team. Nystrom first round 10th overall, Prust third round 70th overall, Pardy sixth round 173rd over all, Phaneuf first round 9th overall, Marc Giordano (undrafted free agent signing) and of course Curtis... the back up goalie with the impossible last name. You know the jersey guy who saw his last name cringed.

In addition any fan who watched camp will tell you Backlund has the stuff, maybe not the maturity or wisdom but the raw skill to be a number one center. Matt Pelech is a Flame next year, with the departure of Adrian Aucoin after this season we will see Pelech come in as a 6 or 7 D man but will eventually be a top 4 guy in this league. Dan Ryder had the tools but seems to have taken a step back after leaving the club for a season for personal reasons. If Curtis... the other goalie can prove his mettle this year great but if not the flames have Drafted Matt Keetley out of Medicine hat and this guy is the real deal OR Leland Irving who is a lot younger and less experienced but just as talented.

The Flames do need to draft that guy who is a sniper that can finish at will and be that offensive guy to replace Jerome in a few years but they don't grow on trees.

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November 6, 2008 11:42 AM ET | Delete
not sure i totally agree. phaneuf was a blue chip for sure. boyd looks to be getting there. however the remainder, as well as the lot playing in the qc at the moment dont' appear to really be top 6 forwards, or top 3/4 dmen potential. also, the job we're doing with the unspellable last name(MCe) goaltender should definitely help stunt his growth, as at this rate he is only going to see game action once every 6-7 weeks.
November 6, 2008 3:52 PM ET | Delete
Not all prospects are drafted for their scoring, Lets take Prust, he a ball of energy and forechecking. That's what he was drafted for and he's doing it in the NHL, and doing it well so far! Nystron was drafted to take on the 3rd line center role, defensive guy with some scoring and I think he'll be exceptional at that role next year. Baldwin, Pelech and Pardy could all crack top 4 d minutes in their carreer. Ryder was the OHL MVP, that doesn't always translate into NHL prowess but it's a good indicator he has talent. There's a lot more teams with a lot more depth but this is a good sign for a team that has always had so little in terms of young talent.
November 6, 2008 5:31 PM ET | Delete
good points. i'd actually even add negrin to the potential D list of hopefuls.
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