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Hey everyone,

As it turns out I will be linking only from here. You can see an excerpt from my blog below and the link adjoing it. I encourage to follow @tsrnewman and @sanehockey for updates on this site.

I have written on the hockeybuzz website for many years now and have been asked repeatedly to change to other sites but have declined mostly or in one case I accepted but decided against it after. At one point "eklund" did write me and inquire about writting more but after following up a few times with no response I lost intrest in pursuing it further. Hockeybuzz gives us all a platform in which to voice our opinions and even though the credibility is sometimes in question the service is not, so thank you Hockeybuzz.

Here is an excerpt from my new blog I think you'll find interesting, come read it and post your opinions!


.... There are guys who can use time stamping as a fraudulent way of saying they called a trade as well, this is done by creating a forum or chat room that is closed and posting rumors to create the time stamp, after this if a rumour comes to fruition and actually does happen this can be moved to a public forum and be bragged about with a time stamp of long before the trade was consummated. For instance I could say Semin to the Flames, have a few of you who are in the know say thanks for the heads up to make it look legit, and move it over to a public site the minute it actually happens giving the appearance I knew long before anyone else.


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