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Olympic tidbits

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I'd like to point out, because the focus has obviously been on the win, that the U.S. played an amazing game and have solidified themselves as a major hockey power, I know they were disappointed but I hope they don't hang their heads too low. They won with dignity and they lost the medal game with dignity, I think all Americans can be incredibly proud of their team.


Crosby scored what will be a timeless goal that will rank up there with some of the all time greats and regardless of what country you were cheering for, be happy that you got to see it. I believe NBC showed that game and I would love to have seen the ratings.


After all of the breakdown in analysis I've heard only one guy refer to the play Jarome Iginla made to get Crosby the puck, that was the coach Mike Babcock. The play was a classic power forward play, protecting the puck, seeing the play develop and being able to make that pass while a guy is crosschecking you into the boards (cleanly) is not as easy as he made it look.


Brian Burke looked like someone kicked him in the stomach, I feel for the guy after losing his son, coming here and looking after his team after losing his son is on par with Rochette and his courage should be noted.


The IIHF gets some things right I have to say, their best player awards went to Ryan Miller as the best Goalie, Rafalski as the best D, Toews as the best forward. If Toews surprises you he was a tournament leading +9 and lead Canada with 8 points.

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