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It wasn't lack of effort although the 2nd period kind of was a sleep walk. There were a ton of chances, the system provided a lot of opportunity for the Flames to manage some goals. The real issue here is lack of finish and lack of skill.

Mathematically the Flames can still make the playoffs and if you read my blog you'll know that I have stated the Flames will tickle our hope this year right until the end but that 9 game losing streak was just too much to over come.

I think a lot of people will look to the Islanders game as a huge massive lost opportunity as well as the Boston loss because it was so close to the end of the season and those two teams so ripe for a beat down. Instead the Flames lost those two and won against the Caps who are the best team they faced on that trip!

Anyway, back to my original thought that the Flames simply lack finish, Sutter's system seeems to creat opportunity but where was Iginla? When Iginla was traded to Calgary the Calgary Sun read, "JAROME WHO??"...well it would be a fitting headline today as the captain was all but a ghost. I'm at the point where if the Sharks beat the Flames then I think they should sit Iginla for the last two games. In addition the should double shift Backlund who is the best center on the ice game in and game out latley, which also frees up Langkow for departure.

Hagman...I really like how Hagman plays but again he lacks finish! He had probably three golden chances to get a puck in the net and missed. Chances don't count at the end of the game! Or at the end of the season as I think Darryl Sutter will find out.

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P.S. Just heard Graham James was pardoned three years agao by the parole board fo Canada. There are certain crimes that there should not be pardonable and taking advantage of kids sexually is one of them. Rot in hell James.
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I'm not a Flames fan but, they are not out of it yet. They still have a chance, albeit slim, to make the playoffs. Hell, the Blues and Ducks still have a chance and the way the Avalanche have been playing lately, any one of the four could get that last spot.
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IN fact, they just said on Versus that if the Flames beat the Sharks tonight and the Avs lose to Vancouver, the Flames are still laive. But, if they lose tonight and the Avs win, then it's all over for them.
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