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It seems we have discussed dirty hits and suspension at nauseum, I can't remember a playoffs that didn't involve Marchment with this much publicity about nothing. Mike Cammalleri did not get suspended, partly because he was already punished with a roughing penalty!! Listen, there is a penalty you receive in the N.H.L. for punching a guy in the face and Cammalleri served his time! End of story. If you want to compare it Carcillo then add in a butt end stick, a rap sheet a mile long, a history of abuse of the rules and maybe you have a case...but not really.

It used to be you would call for a penalty when a player was wronged but now we ask for suspensions! Last night Rene Borque was cross checked with 13 seconds left, the cross check so violent a stick broke over him and no call was given out. So should that be a suspension? No. He received the appropriate 10 minute misconduct and a roughing penalty, it could be reviewed by the league but really if he wanted to kill Rene he would have hit him in the face.

There will always be exceptions and arguments to everything but based on what I saw last night we didn't have a bunch of dirty hits what we had was a team that was very poor at losing and very immature. It was the knock against them going in and continues to be especially after last night, the verbal abuse they were delivering was incredible, even Quinville looked annoyed at it.

So once we get pass the end of the game last night and Chicago's pure bad sportsmanship we end up with one very important thing in this series. An Angry Iginla. Iginla is like the hulk, you don't like him when he's angry. Chicago needs it's leaders to step in and make sure it's players focus more on the game then saying names or they could be in serious trouble. Toews is the kind of leader that can do that, he's incredible, but when the entire third and fourth like are acting like children for the last minute of the game, stretching it to ten minutes then he has his work cut out just baby sitting his own guys instead of focusing squarely on doing what he does well... namely carrying the team.

Calgary has their own issues, Khabibulin is a great goalie who had a bad game, next game will be very difficult and they will not get the softies they got last time. They have to be perfect to beat the Blackhawk's, they have to be disciplined, aware in their own zone and great on the power play. That is a tall order for this team.

So in summary, let them play, call the penalties as penalties and may the best team win!(hopefully the loser will be classy in losing too)

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So using that logic, Todd Bertuzzi never should have been suspended for his sucker punch to Steve Moore, because he got a penalty during the game? OK...
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I second Jsaquella... I respect your passion saneopinion, but you should stick to criticising your own teams performance... we all know that Roy, Bertuzzi and Phaneuf have always been model NHL citizens... no one is immune from this behaviour.
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I get your point OilDerek, and see how you can point out roy and bert, but phaneuf? when?
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your an idiot
April 22, 2009 6:17 PM ET | Delete
Thanks Relic! "You're an idiot" or "You are an idiot" would have been a little less ironic though. F.Y.I.
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