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Have you ever been beat so badly at something that you couldn't wait for revenge? To put your heart and soul into doing anything to redeem yourself?

... I haven't...

But I imagine that is the way the avalanche feel, their own news outlets in Denver were highly critical of the team for it's performance in Calgary two nights ago as well as some outspoken members of the team. If the Flames are to win tonight here is what they must do: SHUT DOWN.

We have to deal with the reality of the season and that is this team seems to let in one goal or six, when they beat the Preds 7-6 no one talked about the goals just how badly they played letting the Preds back in it! Lets face it, the vast majority of fans like wins not super high scoring games. If this team was capable of putting on a 7-1 win performance that would be ideal, everyone would be happy but the truth is they are not capable of that.

If the Avs resurge like I think they are going to tonight the Flames have to be on top of their shut down game!! Weather the storm and return with equal vigor when they have control of the puck.

On another note, Eklund has posted a rumor about a 2nd line wing for a top 4 d... well the Sense can't score and our d sucks this year so I don't really see that happening. The only player Sutter would want here would be one of the big three, who I imagine are untouchable. Vermette would hold some interest along with Fischer but not for a top 4 d unless it is Aucoin which is French for lots of coin (4 million to be precise) so I don't see that happening.

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November 20, 2008 6:37 PM ET | Delete
I don't see Dion or Robin leaving So it must be Aucoin
November 20, 2008 7:14 PM ET | Delete
Getting anything for Aucoin would be a miracle...but if he were to leave, that leaves Calgary with Giordano as a full-time 4th dman, Pardy as a full time 5th dman and a gaping hole in the 6th spot. With Vandemeer out for 6 weeks and Warrener out indefinitely, they would either have to pull up Eriksson (*cringe*) or Matt Pelech to fill that 6th spot. Sutter could also bring back a dman in the trade, but is that player really going to be able to play 6th dman minutes? I just don't see Aucoin moving right now, unless a top 6 dman somehow comes back, along with a top 6 forward. If Sutter can get a top 6 dman and a top 6 foward for Aucoin, I would be extremely surprised. Throw in Lombardi and it might happen.
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