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As the flames go so do I

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After a long day at work I climbed into my car and was welcomed by hall of fame play by play anouncer Peter Mahr, the Flames Vs. Wild game was just starting. I've been in a bad mood for two days at this point with the lack luster and lopsided defeat to the sharks still very fresh in my mind, I'm hoping against hope that the Flames can overcome the odds and beat the only undefeated team left in the NHL.

The traffic is overwheling, it is like a course on how to ride your clutch in first gear and by the time I get home it is already 3-0 for the wild. So I did what any man does when getting home after a late night at the office and his girlfriend is out with the ladies... I order swiss chalet ribs...and a quarter chicken for my dog. Time elapses and I'm turning the 3 goal defecit over in my mind and as I look up at the clock I realize... it's been 47 minutes since I ordered...IT'S FREE!! Well hey the night isn't a total loss after all maybe, I then check the scored and find the Flames have just capped their comeback and are now sitting tied!

I clean off my last rib and check the scores again 5-3 flames!! All of a sudden the 4 goal blown lead, the bad shark game have all been erased and hey... my girlfriend just came home and is feeling her few drinks!

It's funny how a flames win can make a good night even better....
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October 26, 2007 2:43 PM ET | Delete
Enjoyed the stream-of-thought SO but I've got to know, were the ribs free or did they try to stiff you?
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