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Please read this drivel before reading on:


Let me respond if I may do so.

I'd be a whole lot more comfortable with your reaction if everything you wrote was not an anti Calgary blog or you worked for a network that has a slew of Oiler fans working for it. First of all, and I know this might be hard to take, maybe the Devils don't care that Brent Sutter left! If Lou had not given permission do you think D.Sutter would come out and publicly crucify him? Come on. Lamerello could have just said no if he was that bothered by it and no one would be the wiser. Jim Kelly knows what is going on in Lou's head though!!

You quote their owner for saying it leaves a bad taste in his mouth, well he also stated that they had conversations throughout the year about him missing his family, not two days ago, not when Keenan got fired, but throughout the year. In case your head was stuck in your Oiler jersey Keenan was at the helm of the division leader for most of the year so it would make sense to think that Brent was leaving even if Keenan was still here.

Another reason you make me shake your head is the claim that Brent learned how to coach on the Devil's dime... They hired him!! They hired him because he could coach not because they wanted him to learn, you are totally backwards Jim!! Is your real name Kelly Jim and you are just confused? You should check.

Now comes the hilarious claim that the sutters have brought NO playoff success to Calgary and having a university trained specialist in nhl affairs say the opposite is wrong. Well Kelly Jim, I wish you had a little more schooling because before Sutter...WE HAD NO PLAYOFFS!! We were just like Edmonton!! You know that place where the longer you don't make the playoffs the more you get promoted, coach to g.m., g.m. to president. It's WEIRD you don't write about that! Why?? Well the answer is obvious, you're an Oiler fan, and I can respect Oiler fans, but not ones that just blind themselves.

A good point was that Brent has been bounced two years in a row from the playoffs in the first round but why ignore the fact he had the 4th best gaa team in the league, a year in which Broduer was injured for a very long time?! The thought there is if you put a coach like that on this team you will have more success, Jersey's d corps is not Calgary's. Calgary has two Olympic hopefuls on their d!! There's a difference!

I love how acquiring a first line center and a top 4 d man in your head is a "botched job", you know how many other teams were as tight to the cap Kelly Jim? Now check how many don't have a first line center. That's why you're a second rate on-line guy on the second rate sports network. Harsh...maybe, true? Absolutely.

Kipper came to camp last year in the best shape he has ever been in Kelly Jim, thanks for checking your facts, in fact most goalies get roasted when their team is not playing D in front of them...which is why Brent Sutter is here...that pesky low GAA thing you like to ignore. To call Curtis Mac not adequate is a bit harsh, in fact if you knew what you were talking about the consensus was that the team never scored in front of him. It's hard to win against in the NHL when you let in two goals and your team scores none. He will be played more to give Kipper more of a rest but to say that Kipper was played to get him into shape is laughable!!

Then Sutter should be fired in your opinion, for acquiring a Vezina goalie, signing all of his best players for lower than market value long term, acquiring a number one center and hiring a coach with an incredibly low GAA who is a winner because...the coach was his brother? In my opinion Jim there should be a firing and it's at sportsnet because the bloggers on here write better stuff than you daily big guy. Nice beard.

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June 25, 2009 4:12 PM ET | Delete
Nice. Agree mostly
June 25, 2009 4:58 PM ET | Delete
Jim Kelly isn't the only one who has a problem with this move. http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/columns/story?columnist=burnside_scott
June 25, 2009 5:18 PM ET | Delete
I agree with all that was said by SO. All you need to look at is where the Flames were before Sutter and where they are now, hard to say that he hasnt made this team better.........
June 25, 2009 6:57 PM ET | Delete
The best part is the article is called "deal with the devil" with a picture of Sutter. Nice. When a deal hasn't been made with the Devils it is basically just calling sutter the devil... don't hold back Jim.
June 25, 2009 9:47 PM ET | Delete
Jim Kelly continuously bashes the flames team, coaching staff, management and franchise, yet fails to consider the fact that they have been the best nhl team in Canada over the span of the last 5 years (yes, they have choked come playoffs, but they prove over the 82 game seasons that they are a playoff team year in and year out). How do people like this get a job in the industry?!?!?
June 26, 2009 1:01 AM ET | Delete
Jim Kelly, Mike Brophy, Roger Millions.... on and on... these guys are the reason I watch sportsnet on mute.
June 26, 2009 1:01 PM ET | Delete
Jim Kelley has never been anything more than a no talent hack writer and a whiskered bag of wind. He has always tended to ignore facts and figures in order to skew his musings into his own twisted view of reality. I read his junk in order to get a good laugh because he never lets the truth get in the way of a good story.
June 26, 2009 7:00 PM ET | Delete
Kelley would have saved a lot of time if he simply replaced his article with the statement "I am an idiot and don't care who knows it".
June 27, 2009 1:11 AM ET | Delete
Gotta love it...dare anyone say anything bad about the Flames...If they do, well, they must be an Oilers fan. Pay attention to who wrote the article. Jim Kelley "was" a reporter covering the Buffalo Sabers for a long time. This guy blamed Hasek's poor playoff year on "mental toughness" not the knee injury he sustained.
June 27, 2009 11:42 AM ET | Delete
He says this:"Sutter fired the "lax" Jim Playfair who "only" managed a 104-point season in his stint at the top before taking his turn at going out in the first round of the playoffs?"This is so false. With Playfair we limped into the playoffs by having Colorado lose on the 2nd last day of the playoffs. Sutter was the coach when they won the division not Playfair
June 29, 2009 8:00 AM ET | Delete
Who cares really? Flames are a worthless organization that has as much intrigue as do the Blue Jackets. Although, it is good that there are franchises like the flames around because idiots like you wouldn't have anything to write about. Now, let's talk about THE franchise in the NHL.....(TAKE AN EDUCATED GUESS- BLUE AND______), idiots.
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