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Penticton pt2.

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So I wrote an abbreviated blog from my i-phone, it's difficult to navigate the world of Hockeybuzz, spell correctly and get all of thoughts across so I wanted to elaborate on the last blog.

This is a tournament. You come to win.

I keep hearing, why would they play their best players against Calgary, what if they got injured? It's a legitimate question. I guess then we wrap them in bubble wrap and hyperbaric chambers until the NHL develops a no hit policy. If they can't handle keeping their heads up in a rookie tourny then the N.H.L. is going to eat them alive my friends.

Secondly, if hitting was such a concern then sitting them after the game got chippy would be acceptable. What isn't acceptable, and quite honestly shows a lack of character is sitting them. Those are three really good young players, I know they wanted to play, I don't doubt that for a second. This was a coaching decision to sit ALL THREE. It was a move that was calculated for the reason I mentioned before, most notably making sure their fan base had some hope left. Could you imagine if the Flames prospects beat theirs? The crappy Flames Prospects?? Better sit all three and have a ready excuse.

This brings me to me next point, the guys who say it doesn't matter. It doesn't count for two points but go ask those kids if it matters to them, ask people who have played for nothing more than pride or the guys who play street hockey until it's last goal win and see if they don't care. It does matter. The reason it matters is something called "pride", if you play for the guy next to you, and you play for the team then the pride of winning is a hallmark of who you are. You may lose that game but if you are a true player then you at least played the game. If you're a team, you give your team the best chance of winning, not cruising to a first overall selection and sitting him when you can. It reeks.

I'm allowed to call teams out for character moves, I'm not an Oiler fan, I'm a Flames fan. Having said that I can point to several Ex-Oilers who say they were treated poorly, most recently Souray, and now I can clearly see what they are talking about. An organization that gave up on winning and is more interested in providing fuel for the season ticket holders. Looking good as it were.

Having said all of that I have to congratulate the Oiler young stars for their tourny excluding the aforementioned sitting, they did really well and there is a lot for them to look forward to,

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September 16, 2010 11:39 PM ET | Delete
Agreed.Hall's already becoming cocky and ignorant too, in an interview during the game, he said that "he understands some of the young guys need to show their skills" more so than him. Last time I checked, he was a "young guy" himself and hasn't proven anything yet. Who knows, maybe he'll be the next Alexandre Daigle. He could learn a thing or to from Eberle.
September 17, 2010 12:08 AM ET | Delete
I personally am more scared of Eberle, his nerves are as cold as it gets. Hall also took an 8 minute shift that game, can't make the coaches happy.
September 17, 2010 1:08 AM ET | Delete
They have a built in excuse, if they lose they are rebuilding. Yet now they think they are going to win
September 17, 2010 1:34 AM ET | Delete
Look for a strong start and to taper off. Young teams often experience that, especially rookies.
September 17, 2010 2:00 AM ET | Delete
you are so jealous it is hilarious...
September 17, 2010 2:20 AM ET | Delete
Gretz. I am jealous of the youth the oilers have!! I'm not jealous of the coaching and management giving their young players the idea of losing is okay.
September 17, 2010 2:32 AM ET | Delete
losing is okay? they rested the big 3 so they could get a better look at the bubble players and invites....stop acting like such a tool
September 17, 2010 9:56 AM ET | Delete
September 17, 2010 11:06 AM ET | Delete
truth hurts doesnt it gretz :)...great write up as usual!! well gentz we dont have to wait long for the battle of alberta ! let the games begin
September 17, 2010 11:10 AM ET | Delete
This post makes me ashamed to be a flames fan! Quite pissing and moaning about not seeing the big 3 vs. calgary. i'm sure nobody in either organization read anything into it except for the fact that the oilers have a lot of guys who needed to get some ice time for viewing. Obviously we are going to see enough of their rookies during the regular season, and people are reading way too much into taylor hall's comments. He's a kid and still learning how to play the media in his favour, get off his back.
September 17, 2010 12:27 PM ET | Delete
Really raven... All three had to be benches so they could look at the other kids? I would have thought they'd be highly interested to see as much of their top kids as possible given they might be on the roster. Your saying the oil are trying to flesh out their echl roster? Lol
September 17, 2010 12:28 PM ET | Delete
Ps I'm pretty sure the flames staff heard that and shook their heads.
September 17, 2010 12:45 PM ET | Delete
Man give it a rest. Your line of "Keep the opinions sane and well thought out" has been totally thrown out the window. Oilers said going in that players would play 2 of 3 games. So they sat some out for a game.....the world must be ending.
September 17, 2010 12:47 PM ET | Delete
As a Flames fan I apologize for this drivel.
September 17, 2010 1:03 PM ET | Delete
Thanks jmack apparently you can have an opinion bit I'm not allowed? Take my points above, then discredit them. Sure they said that and sat all three against the flames. Too much on the line for them to play them. Pure cowardice. Tell me' how that's wrong.
September 17, 2010 1:19 PM ET | Delete
September 17, 2010 1:21 PM ET | Delete
September 17, 2010 1:24 PM ET | Delete
No Sane, you can have an opinion and I usually enjoy reading your thoughts. But you went off the rails with this one. To write 2 blogs about some players who sat out a game in a prospect tournament, when the team said players won't play every game, is over the top. I will assume you are suffering from delusions due to your need for some meaningful hockey, which is understandable.
September 17, 2010 1:24 PM ET | Delete
If anything the big 3 for Edmonton should play fewer games in this tournament. The prospect tournament is for the organizations to get a look at some of the young guys in their system. The big 3 in Edmonton will be at the regular camp and almost certainly will make the team. So why not use the opportunity to get a quality look at some other players in their system that won't be at the main camp and likely won't make the team?
September 17, 2010 1:53 PM ET | Delete
Sorry, but I feel poorer for having read both this blog and its related comments.
September 17, 2010 2:44 PM ET | Delete
As a Flames fan I must say... I wouldn't be 'hating' on Hall just yet... he went #1 so naturally, all the pressure is on him, but I wouldn't start making judgments just yet... after all.. hes'a Calgary boy how bad could he be? Heatly?
September 17, 2010 4:08 PM ET | Delete
Jmac I appreciate your comments and I prefaced the blog by saying that it just to elaborate on my other thoughts. Also the idea of them being roster worthy so having a look at other kids is fine... But then why bring them at all.
September 17, 2010 4:11 PM ET | Delete
Backburn- He's just a kid being a kid bit we are all aware how good he'll be... Probably the Calgary home town thing at work lol
September 19, 2010 2:34 PM ET | Delete
You bring them in because they are Rookies, and the tourny helps ease the transition into the main camp. You sit them because frankly the games don't mean a thing, and you can focus on other guys that will/might get overlooked at the main camp.
September 20, 2010 12:17 AM ET | Delete
I thought Hall's puck hogging was a big contributor to our loss at the world Juniors this year.... overrated.... I would have taken Seguin.... Hall is not Gretzky no matter how much oilers fans want him to be.....
September 20, 2010 12:19 AM ET | Delete
I wouldn't read into the tourney too much... the oil have missed the playoffs for 4 years so they should have better prospects across the board.... Our young players are good.... remember that springfield finished last as well
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