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For the teams who's record is a winning one during the pre-season this time of year signals what is to come for the rest of the year and for those who have a losing record the pre-season is just try outs and doesn't mean anything. The truth is a bit of both.
It's hard to look at a flames squad that hasn't put in two solid vetrem lines in the pre season and say, "hey, this team really isn't doing anything". At the same time the goals just aren't coming against what you'd assume are fairly evenly matched up teams.
On the plus side Kipper was Kipper last night letting in one goal on his 15 shots, Luongo was better by letting in none, but what is really concerning to me is the lack of effort by the prospects trying to make the team. Coming in to the season it was known that Kennan wasn't going to have more than a couple rookies on the ice so it appears as though they don't really believe they are playing for a spot. Guys who's game is an energy game like Cam Cunning looked lack luster and Nystrom has been almost invisible with the exception of a few shifts. Boyd looks like he is playing hard but is that because he has the idea in his head it's his to lose?
At the very least these guys should be playing to be the first call up, it worked out okay for a guy named Moss.
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great point fabulous blog buddy Flamestr
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