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The game with everything

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It seems obvious to me that Craig Conroy is an avid hockeybuzz reader because after I ripped into him after last game he came out and had his best game of the season.

The game tonight had everything you would want as a hockey fan, the second period alone had 5 goals, 2 fights and a massive hit by Sarich. The game had fights, goals, big saves, bad refing...really bad, breath taking turnovers, odd man rushes, hude leads, blown leads, a penalty shot and of course me enjoying box seats.

Dion phaneuf wins my "take a seat" award for the player most dedicated to losing the game for your team. After taking a diving penalty, which resulted in a goal on the ensuing power play, he lipped off the ref on the way to the box, from where I sat it looked like he said, "nice call...real nice... brutal" but that was just the beginning so he was thrown back in the box. Vandermeer was already in there so Nashville had two five on three in a row, both resulting in goals, both because of Dion. Dion is one of my favorite players but he was giving it away all night, missing shots, missing passes and...trying to lose it for the team! Take a seat!

All in all though it was a very entertaining game, if every game was like that the NFL would have a run for it's money.

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If my mens' league team played a game like that I would be furious. I sure as hell hope keenan rips them a new one at practice today. If you go up 5-0, you don't win 7-6... It might be "entertaining" to some, but it is crap hockey in my books - from both teams. But just my opinon obviously.
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