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I was hoping the Oilers would have beat the Sens last night, at least they wouldn't have the motivation of being beaten at home by one of the worst teams in the league to go on as they visit Calgary. They have beaten Calgary twice and you'd assume the Flames are looking for payback for the two losses suffered at the hands of their provincial rivals. The Oilers are looking for the respect of their fans after coming out flat against the Sens (not looking to pick a fight, my Oilier friends basically feel that way).

All of this adds up to one thing. A great game. I'm so excited to watch the hockey tonight that I feel like a kid, these two teams through pure dislike always have exciting games and both step up their game for each other. As always the money is flying around as people bet with each other on their respective teams but it's not the money it's the gloating you get to do when it's over. A loss to a provincial rival in Alberta and the Flames not only lose but all of their fans get the salt rubbed in from Oiler fans and vice versa...and it's great!

Brule is a call up for the Oilers, not Shremp, i am starting to question this but as much as I dislike MacT he's the pro coach and I assume he knows what he needs. My Oiler fan friends are not very happy about it though as two guys on their farm they feel are better. Hemsky is not playing either due to a nose injury apparently and that is kind of disappointing, I even enjoy watching him play. Glencross might return tonight as well but you have to wonder if Sutter is playing well enough to allow him an extra couple days. Sutter has been a nice surprise and a lot of bloggers told me on here that I should have known more about him and they were right.

So in the spirit of this evening have a happy and safe New Years Eve...even if you're an Oiler fan and your team just lost. Hey I'm a Flames blogger I don't make apologies for picking them!
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