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We've all seen in movies where a psychiatrist will say a word and the patient will respond with the first thing that comes to their head. So here's my version of a scene where a psychiatrist is diagnosing a hockey fan:

P: So What do you think of when I say...YASHIN!?
P: But wasn't he a four time all star? Didn't he have a .87 PPG last year?
HF: Yeah but that Ottawa hold out is all I remember...
P: Okay let's try another... FORSERG!:
P: OH COME ON!! He is a Calder winner, a gold medalist Olympian...twice, a hart and art ross winner, 8 time all star, Stanley cup champion and arguably the best Swedish player of all time!!!
HF: Yeah but for two seasons all I've heard about is his foot, new boots for his skates, surgeries, foot consultants... his legacy is his foot, he should have just retired.
P: Marchmant!
HF: Dirty... dirty...dirty.
P: Fair enough with all of those knee on knees he is for sure a dirty player... So..Bertuzzi!
HF: Sucker punch!!
P: That was one thing, he is a four time all star and twice was well above a point per game and considered one of the best power forwards of his time!!
HF: I agree but ESPN played that hit until I could sing along with the commentary.
P: Well now I know you're crazy but let's try one more... SUNDIN!
P: That's more than one word...
HF: I know but indecisive didn't seem good enough, I needed to paint the picture.
P: Here's your meds...

(insert your takes on players and their actions below...)

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