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Red and White ramblings

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Flamstr wrote a blog as well regarding this that I commented on but for some reason hockeybuzz gods don't like when I comment and often leave them blank... hint hint Ek.

Anyway... a few thoughts I had being there...

Crosby and Nash look good together, I'm not convinced Iggy meshes but it seems like Iginla is hard to get chemistry with period.

Nash was incredible, he made a very good individual effort to get to the net and all night was a threat although his shoot out attempt was very weak.

St. Louis was on fire as well, he looked like a guy who wants to very badly be in Vancouver...take him in your pool this year!

The Goalies were all great especially the top two, Luongo made several good save but also let a couple get through, they happened to hit the post though! Broduer made a flash glove save on spezza in the last second of the first period and exited to a standing ovation even though he only made a few stops. Mason let in about every shoot out shot that hit the net and might have lost his chance at the team. Ward seemed good and Fluery may have out shone him a bit after ward let in a goal while he was backwards and on his side...at that point you're not in the right position Cam.

No one really shone on D, Dion had his pocket picked by Cleary and made one good ruch and had a couple shots on net. Pronger played a lot and did alright. Seabrook blew a tire and coughed the puck up which Marleu deposited in the back of the net.

Marleau played a really good game, I just have to wonder if Center isn't a bit too over stocked for him. Thornton, Crosby, Staal, Spezza, Carter, Getzlaf, Vinny.... ect.

Iginla was taken off the top unit half way through and when he was moved down played a lot better. Perhaps a top unit of St. Louis, Crosby and Nash with a second of Thornton, Iginla, ______. Would be better?

I was a little disappointed the guys didn't have more fun with the play after all there was 16,000 people there to see some skill, especially in the shoot out. Nash is a wizard but he must have held back his moves because his attempt was very weak.


Vancouver made some bold moves on defense today, kudos to Gillis for making this a very tight NW this year!
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August 29, 2009 10:19 AM ET | Delete
Mason did have a rough go in the shoot-out, but he looked AWESOME during the game. He is my sleeper goalie pick, even though I do think it will be Fleury.
August 29, 2009 10:30 AM ET | Delete
Yeah don't be too hard on Mason, he played great during the game and just looked disinterested in the shootout against the best players in the world!
August 29, 2009 11:42 AM ET | Delete
dion looked like dion. a chug who isnt making it. worse player in the camp.
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