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Just a quick note, I noticed Conroy is centering Iginla at practice again... are Langkow or Jokinen hurt?? That is embarrassing. Wish they would stop going back to this junk. Conroy is a third or fourth line guy now... that you drag off the bench to take a face off ...period. His first line days are long gone.
RFA and UFA issues face the flames this year because they do not have a first round draft pick, this affects their thinking as they can move one of two ways, deal someone to get a 1st or sign some players to make it through this season.

Lets look at the Flames UFA's after this season: Jokinen, Bourque, Conroy, Mcgratton, Prust, Johnson and Lundmark.

The notable RFA's are: Nystrom, Boyd, Pelech, Chucko, Keetly, Baldwin, Sutter and Palin.

SO if you then take a look and say you want to re-sign Jokinen and Bourque then you have to drop 4 million or so elsewhere to accommodate that if the cap stays relatively the same. Dropping Conroy would be a no brainer at just over a million to start with but really there is not a lot you have to replace him with as Boyd and Nystrom will get some raises most likely. so the reality is keeping both is not realistic if the roster as it stands remains the same.

In fact to retain Bourque the Flames might have to depart with Jokinen, that would mean they could bring in Backlund in and save about 3-4 million, or use it towards other signings. Regardless the Flames are going to have to look towards younger cheaper players sooner rather than later unless Sutter can unload some higher priced contracts like:

Iginla- 7 million (never going anywhere even when he gets 10 goals a year, Sutter will take him to the coffin.)
Langkow- 4.5 Million ( He does it all..except score goals consistently)
Dion- 6.5 Million
Regehr- 4 Million
Sarich 3.6 Million (anyone of the last three d would get you a top six forward...just saying).

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January 20, 2010 10:48 PM ET | Delete
Cory Sarich would not get a top six forward. Not even close.Granted his stats are a bit off because of games played (26) but his EVEN /-, 3pts, 46 hits and 24 blocked shots are simply not enough to justify another team picking up that contract and actually giving value in return. He's also not helped by 23 giveaways to 2 takeaways. Had he played all year, he'd be on pace to lead Calgary's defence in giveaways.
January 20, 2010 10:49 PM ET | Delete
Not to say that Cory Sarich isn't a useful NHL defender. He's just worth a lot more to Calgary then he is in any kind of trade.
January 22, 2010 6:27 PM ET | Delete
I want 2 trades to occur. Phaneuf and Bourque for Kovalchuk.Jokinen, Boyd and Regehr for Spezza and Phillips.It could happen, right?
January 23, 2010 12:43 PM ET | Delete
Sarich is useless we need to get rid of him Johnson is better
January 23, 2010 2:24 PM ET | Delete
jtommy, do you think that a defence with Bouwmeester, Phillips and Sarich as the top three is worthy of a Stanley Cup? As long as Sutters run the team I can't picture them transforming from a defence oriented, rugged bunch into a run-and-gun shootout squad.
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