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It seems Doug Risebrough is in the rumor mill as a replacement for Sather possibly, he's a really nice guy and I had a run in with him one time.

A long time ago Doug Risebrough came through my shop when he was the G.M. of the Minnesota Wild, I called my buddy up and told him Riser was here and he suggested I make the following offer to him:

Gaborik... for the rights to Gary Leeman.

If you didn't know Gary Leeman was the "center piece" of what the Leafs shipped Calgary for Doug Gilmour in what is possibly the worst trade in franchise history, a trade that still follows Riser to this day.

So after our business was concluded I posed the question to him and he kind of chuckled and said, "Yeah..made that trade already, won't do it again." But hey, if Eklund is right and he takes over for Sather i'd have to wonder what he'd ship out the over paid guys for?

As a side note I also offered to sit on the bench as a back up for their then number one goalie Manny Fernandez but was turned down, making league minimum would have been cool and it seemed like a job I could do, they were preparing to ship Roloson to the Oil as I recall. Having said that I'd have to live in Minnesota and that is not really a great option for me, I'm more of a packers fan.

Good Luck Doug.


I don't know why but I have the draft circled on the Calendar this year, typically if Sutter makes a move this is when it happens, I have to believe if no move is made there then as Flames fans we can look forward to him signing a free agent or two and being mediocre again.

Cammalerri, Tanguay, Bouwmeester ect. are all examples of Sutter willingness to make something happen on draft day, I'm hoping it's worth watching.


There are rumors of Jokinen playing in the KHL next year, I don't see why not, Isn't that where all the wash ups go? Maybe he can play with Yashin or ...someone. I'm hoping he can convince Kotalik to go as well as there are rumors about that as well, the KHL is a great way to clear cap space and Kotalik is the largest waste of money the Flames have had in a very long time.

I read that the Dynamo Moscow team was going under and also read that made the KHL look bad, like what player would want to go to a league that has teams folding from lack of money? cough cough atlanta, cough cough tampa bay, hack hack pheonix.


Would the real Luongo please stand up? Or butterfly? What happened here? He was unbeatable and now is totally vulnerable and somehow looking small in net. On the subject of goalies if you didn't see the over time with Buffalo Boston last night you missed some incredible hockey, it was actually fun to watch, Rask and Miller were unbelievable!

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Luongo isn't all that good. He's just big. Players have figured this out and are finally shooting low blocker side. Am I the only one that thought he looked horrible in the gold medal game other than he won? His rebound control was horrible in that game. If not for the unreal defence covering his ass we might have seen a different outcome.
April 22, 2010 10:29 PM ET | Delete
Luongo is awful, Riser is a discrace, and Joker can hide in Russia for all I care (so long as Sutter doesn't resign him)And lets face it, at this pt, its but a given the Sutter clan comes back
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