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The best part about talking to oiler fans now is by far and away the polite smile and nod you get to give them when they talk about their "new oilers".
I love how trading away the captain of a team that was floundering due to lack of heart for a young d who was extremely disappointing is hailed as a good move. I mean, why would they want Jason Smith's "heart and soul" after trading Ryan Smyth's away? sounds like a sound business move for a guy whom I have to wonder is on some flames fan's payroll, thanks Kevin Lowe.
Then by pissing off every G.M. in the league, offering over inflated salaries to restricted free agents, you pay that huge sacrifice and get...Dustin Penner?? Are you kidding?? Vanek was at least a guy you KNOW is going to be crazy good but Penner? I thnk 30 goals is a great season, but that's all it is, a great season. People say, "he's worth that much...in edmonton", meaning that you have to pay players an exorbanant amount of money to play there that might not be worth it. Well I guess that's true, but perhaps if Kevin Lowe wasn't playing to every one else's tune he should have developed his farm system.
Souray... yeah I'll just leave a million for every minus last season speak for itself.
So I guess if I had to tell the truth I too just love me the new oilers...

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First off I have to say that indeed, it's true that 4 million a year is wayyy too much to spend on Penner this season. But what about next year? and the year after? I'm not saying that he's 100% sure of turning into a player worth that much, but no sense in not giving him a chance. As for Jason Smith... he has more than been replaced! He's a shitty hockey player with great leadership. It just means the other guys will have to step up. I'm not saying I agree with what Lowe did, but it's over and done with. I hate how people are getting on Lowe's case about actually doing something to improve the team. He made some questionable moves, and shouldn't be criticized until this time next year. Oh, and for the record Aucoin is making 4 million per year and had 16 points last year and was -22... so who has the overpaid player again? Not to mention Aucoin is 10 years older... Pissing off every GM? Pretty sure the Sharks and Kings GM Love him for taking Penner away from the ducks.... Cry me a river it's business!!!
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Hey jeffvdw, you have me dead to rights on aucoin. I guess they're hoping he'll return to the form of a player he was back when he was putting up 45pts and plus 20 some odd (like penner's numbers...but a d) 4 seasons ago before the injuries and lockout. Truth be told I'm not overly extatic about Aucoin and can just hope to be made a believer. Smith was a leader, the trade was bad for that, the oiler's questions revolve around leadership, goaltending and a pourus d. Time will tell my friend!
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i guess you can't expect that a flames fan could give an objective opinion about the oilers. and i understand, as i hate the flames. without trying to soud biased, i have to say that on paper who would you rather have, smith or pitkanen? while it is true that jason's presence will be missed in the locker room and the city, it is equally as true that he's a bad defenceman. we have good leadership still in oil country, steve staios, ethan moreau, sheldon souray, jarrett stoll to name a few. we really needed to bolster our defense and if nothing else, lowe has done that. in my opinion we went from 30th in the league to 12-15th where d is concerned. it will be fun watching huselius and ignla and langkow getting slammed into the boards this year by the like of dustin penner and souray, regardless of how much money they make or how much offense they bring. we should discuss this further after game 4 of the 8 games we play this year!
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Hey with a tat i can't question your devotion, I do try to be objective and I think as far as talent offensivly the oilers got better while perhaps sacrificing something on the defensive side. Smith was a stay at home guy and gritty. The reason I think it was a poor trade is if the oilers are more pourus on the defensive side I would have concerns about Roloson being the answer. I'm not saying he's the worst in the league or anything but he historically has way better numbers with a defensive defense in front of him. Penner is a forechecker who can create some plays that way but he won't be hitting huselius he'll be hitting regher and phaneuf in that case and probably paying as much a price. To be objective here is what TSN thinks of Souray's flaws,"Can sometimes be a little over-zealous and take bad penalties. Is prone to getting beat one-on-one. Doesn't rush with or pass the puck very well." I think huselius would love a guy who get's beat one on one don't you?? Objectivley speaking.
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i think that everyone is going to be surprised by sheldon's work this summer on his skating and puck moving ability. he's very aware of his issues and has vowed to correct them. he's already been training with the team and charlie huddy. while i admit that his -28 status is concerning, i'll take his record setting ppg status. i truly believe that our rivalry this year will be better than the 5 or six. oh, and by the way, when you see me in the saddle dome, please tell all your friends that i'm not interested in fighting any of them.
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Roloson was great during the cup run, he's done now and honestly I think that we need a goalie like..... dare I say it?.... Kipper. He can single handedly win a game for the flames, while rollie gets chased out of the net. Although the teams Defence is better now, I still think that a solid #1 'tender is needed if the oil are going to battle it out with the flames this year. Too many soft goals are scored on him, so maybe they got Garon to split time with him, and then progressively bring in Dubnyk. I think that people who don't watch the oilers very often don't realize how good Smid and Greene are at playing their position for being so young and inexperienced. I think Souray will be put on forward, and then D on the powerplay... Pitkanen will probably play with Staios this year, and Souray with Smid, leaving Tarnstrom and Greene to play 8-10 minutes per game. Grebeshkov is good too he'll be a great #7 D-man like Giordano was lst year for the Flamers. I think that the only defensive struggles we'll have is Rollie the "Goalie" (If you can call him one...)
August 10, 2007 7:59 PM ET | Delete
I wouldn't care about losing Smith's leadership... Uncle Steve and others, like Stoll, will more than carry the load. What you'll miss from Smith is the hundreds of blocked shots that make Roloson look like a real goaltender. Which brings me to my next point... Roloson is an average goaltender at best; he was good during the cup run because of who he had in front of him... hello? Chris Pronger anyone? Garon will give Rollie a run for his money. As for Aucoin, whoever made the point of 4 mill being too much is right. That's why the GM who signed him to that deal no longer has his job. Aucoin came to Calgary not for the deal, but to fill a hole... personally, he'll give us just as much or more than Hamrlik for 1.3 mill less. One more thing; Souray brings a HUGE shot from the point, and that's about it. But its enough to make me scared of him, as i watched so many shots from the point beat kipper last season. Lankow, Tanguay and (this one made me laugh my butt off) Iggy, need not worry about Souray doing any physical damage to them. One thing's for sure... the Battle of Alberta should be exciting this year... maybe the Oilers can win more than 3 games against us this year for a change! I think Flames fans are getting too used to dominating the series.
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