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As a testament to how dumb we are Darryl Sutter has now told us, in all of his wisdom, why the Flames did not make the playoffs. Apparently, and unbeknownst to us, the Flames had a bad home record and the goal scorers did not score! In other Darryl news the name of the hockey team is the "Flames" and they play in Calgary. I don't have to be a G.M. to also tell you the power play was crap but maybe he'll use that one next time they don't make the playoffs. Another great excuse was the parity argument, yes the league has parity but the rest of the league doesn't have the same parity of attendance so excuse us for asking for some accountability..


Typically when you don't make the playoffs it's for a couple reasons, you got scored on too much, didn't score often enough and have a bad record. I think the media missed asking questions that every Flames fan wants to know, the hard questions, namely:

What was the reasoning behind the Jokinen trade? Why trade an under-achieving player for another more horrible under-achieving player that is under contract for longer?

If the reasoning behind drafting poorly is because the team is to competitive every year resulting in lower picks why trade Dion for everything but high picks?

Why wasn't Brent Sutter part of this new conference?

How is the scouting staff going to be addressed?

How will Kotalik be handled? Buy out?

The number one center issue is still out here, who does Sutter respond to not having one after 7 years?

How long did he look for a trade partner for Dion Phanuef?

The fact that Sutter and King even were allowed to have this Presser basically is ownership saying, "they are still here and are not going anywhere", in addition to that the guys who are staying in no uncertain terms basically just said that there would be little change. Sutter was asked if he thought sweeping changes were need and in essence responded that the players just had to play to their potential, that is a joke, he might as well have said, "if everything is perfect, and we're perfect then things will be perfect!!". How stupid are we to buy these statements of common sense as insightful hockey knowledge? We didn't score enough, we had a bad home record, guys didn't play up to potential... it's no other person's job but Darryl sutter's to ensure that doesn't happen. I repeat to "ENSURE" that doesn't happen. If he didn't, he failed.

Personally I just wanted to hear some honesty, I just heard condescending B.S.

I don't know how you feel but for me, hearing no change is forthcoming from the Flames is not what I wanted to hear. I wanted at least a token of their contrition, like letting us know the scouting staff is being changed or that they plan to aggressively pursue different avenues in terms of trades. No Change?? whaaaat? Players have to play better? That's the solution when it comes down to it. Well Darryl the guys you have here aren't any better than what they are. Iginla is not a 40 goal guy, he's a 30 goal guy! That's okay! Just don't sugar coat it. the 20 goal guys you have are actually 15 goal guys who maybe once came close to 20.

He was high on his Leaf guys being at the top of the team in scoring except they did it all in a different uniform! This press conference today did not make me feel better it made me feel worse.

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April 12, 2010 9:04 PM ET | Delete
I'm sorry...and I'm sorry for being sorry... I know it makes it worse if a Leaf's fan feels sympathy.
April 12, 2010 9:43 PM ET | Delete
I'm hanging on by a thread... and I'm thinking, "Hey, he's not gonna tip his hand if he's planning something big, right? Yah! Kipper for Rask, Wheeler, and T.O.'s first rounder! YAH!!". But then reality sets in, and I'm thinking, "Yah. It was condescending crap. Prepare for mediocre hockey again next year...".
April 12, 2010 9:47 PM ET | Delete
Scotch helps. sigh.
April 13, 2010 12:46 AM ET | Delete
There's a loooong few years coming up. And I REALLY want to know the answer to the Jokenin/Kotalik trade question. That's the trade that should get him fired.
April 13, 2010 3:47 PM ET | Delete
I heard a vote of confidence from how Sutter was standoffish, how King kept buttering up the next answer, and how Darryl seems to think he did a good job. Sounds like more of the same, I am not sure ownership trusts him to make any more trades (if they indeed still trust him with the job, that is).
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