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In my previous posts I've indicated that I do not think much of a major shake up is going to happen prior to next season with the Flames, unless you call assigning veterans to the minor league a major a shake up. However having said that I'm a fan and like all fans I like to play the what if game with the rumors that are being circulated. The reason Hockeybuzz is fun to me is because it acts as a generator of thought and reaction between hockey fans, sure once in a while it actually resembles a news source for instance Eklund will get the occasional E5 rumor before I see it posted elsewhere. The fun part is addressing the what ifs though and in my blog I like to take a semi practical approach to it, Eklund will post rumors as he hears them, I like to take those rumors and dissect how much of it may be legit, so let's take a look at the latest.

L.A. Kings- Rumored to be interested in "Rocket" Robyn Regehr. Flames fans are kind of strange, when I heard this rumor and spit it out some of the names I got back were not what you'd expect. I wasn't hearing Kopitar or Moller, I wasn't hearing Brown or Schenn. The player I hear fans want is Wayne Simmonds. Not that they'd have huge issues with the aforementioned names but Simmonds has that very physical style and has enough talent that he's a prototype Flame player. Right Wing also happens to be the weak spot this year if you are part of the popular majority that believe Kotalik will be in the minors or the KHL, despite what you may have heard Calgary needs Right Wings more than they need centers. Calgary is also in need of cap relief so a trade for Simmonds would make sense as he will only count for $820,000.00, the L.A. Kings have more than enough room to absorb Regehr's salary with more than 12 million in cap room presently. I'd like to add a twist to this though and see Irving and Bernier involved, the Flames need a goalie who is nhl ready sooner rather than later as karlsson is only signed for one year. Irving goes back as a very solid goalie prospect for the Kings who are fairly deep in that position now. At any rate Simmonds on a line with Glencross and Backlund might be very fun to watch.

Buffalo Sabres- Again the interest in Regehr could net a top six forward, the Sabres have a lot more cap room than the Flames currently with about 7 million so a trade that brought them a premier shut down defenseman at a small cap increase of 2 million is reasonable. Keeping that in mind and Calgary's hole at the right one might assume that Drew Stafford might be in the sites of the Flames. Two things work against this though, for one Sutter likes his players durable and Stafford does not qualify however his upside might be huge if he does stay healthy, also Stafford is RFA at the seasons end so there is a chance they may not retain him. One would think if this went through it would have to involve prospects or a pick coming to Calgary, possibly a second.

Anaheim Ducks- The signing of Sutton would make me think this is a no go for a trade but hey...Bobby Ryan! no? I don't care I want Bobby Ryan.

Boston Bruins- Marc Savard is the name that multiple reliable sources say is being shopped but with the glut of centers Calgary has already and the unlikelihood any of them will be moved this seems unlikely. Having said that the cap swap is fairly even but considering both teams face massive Cap trouble I doubt this will happen. That doesn't mean I don't see trade possibility though, what if they had a problem swap? Kotalik for Ryder? Can Ryder be any worse than Moss? He did score 30 goals...twice and is more likely to get 25-30 than most problem contracts out there. If you're going to swallow Kotalik's Salary maybe Ryder at 1 million more is acceptable and you could still do the minor league assigning that would make him fit. Maybe that 1 million extra in Salary is also worth a 3rd round pick?


Dallas- Regehr, Hagman for Richards-They Need d, Hagman was good there, numbers work, Calgary gets #1 center.
Columbus- Regehr and pick/prospect for Filitov and Stralman- Problematic players with upside for much needed premier shutdown guy.
Washington- Regehr, Moss, for Semin- Because I like to dream.

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