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Flames moving forward

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Drafting. A first line center. The power play. Scoring depth.

Too many things ail the current version of the Flames to make me really believe that they have a legitimate shot at anything this year. That includes making the playoffs.

If the drafting is atrocious, which it has been only producing grinders and fourth liners, then perhaps it's time to circumvent the conventional methods and get creative.

I propose that if Sutter was to take our next three 1st round draft picks and sign Backstrom out of Washington to an offer sheet it might alleviate a lot of what ails them.

We tried the drafting route. in 2002 with the 10th over all pick, which is a pretty good spot, we drafted the ever energetic Eric Nystrom, a fourth line grinding center. 2003- Phanuef, arguably the best pick in the last decade or more...he no longer plays for the Flames. 2004- Chucko. 2005-Pelech. 2006-Irving. 2007- Backlund. Outside of the Flames no one really knows any of these guys and why? Because the Flames have missed the boat drafting year after year. Backlund has the tool box to be a decent player but really in 6 years of first round picks just 1 guy is on the team...as a fourth line grinder!

We now have scoring depth on this team, Hagman and Kotalik are two more legit 20 goal guys as well as stajan to add to a stable of 20 goal guys. The problem is that when you have a team of 20 goal guys no one really gets to rise to the top, no one is a star and stars sell tickets. The depth we now have can not be traded away for much, hopefully they can package moss into a 3rd round pick, perhaps 2nd. Don't expect much though on March 3rd.

I can already hear Darryl saying how we got Moss, Dawes and Bourque back from injury and isn't that the same as trading for a guy? maybe. But unless the Flames win the cup, or even make the playoffs, without a 1st rounder this year and 2nd rounder he best option might be offer sheets.

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