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Should Sutter Sell??

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As the trade deadline approaches there is a consensus that there are more buyers than sellers. Thus the price of return goes up, the 5th round pick you'd get for say a Yelle goes up to a 3rd round pick, who wouldn't take that deal? Some might say that a team going for the cup needs that depth to make it, they need to survive for two months of punishment and I agree. The only problem with that is that the flames are bursting to the rim with pluggers in the system! Nystrom, Prust, Stevensen, Kylanos could all come up and fill two or three minutes of ice time with no problem, even in the playoffs. How many gritty veteran grinders does a team need to contend? 4 at the most (ask the red wings). The flames right now have Smith, Yelle, Nilson, Primeau, Godard,...are you telling me in a sellers market we couldn't shed one or two of those for better draft picks?? The cupboard's bare in quad city in terms of talent folks. Backlund is far away from being in the mix, we need to stock up on TALENT!! My take on this year's deadline is SELL!! I'm a fan of the Flames, I love this team but when I objectively look at their chances I'm not impressed. Imagine what Tanguay would bring back in terms of return? Probably a roster player of good ilk and a #1 pick. Huselius and Langkow probably less due to their contract status but if you want to not sign one... now is time to trade not at the draft. Get the most in return.
The Flames have a great core of players for years but if the chemistry isn't there then change it! If you doubt for one second this team can not win the cup then stock the system!!
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