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Flames Lineup Thoughts.

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Conroy is back at centering Iginla again in practice. Hasn't worked in 9 games, might as well stick with it. Lundmark actually looked alright on that line, give the guy some time, Conroy is not an option anymore.

When Sutter says he doesn't see how the flames could get Kovulchuk is he kidding? Most armchair g.m.'s know that you have 5 mil off the books if you simply don't sign Jokinen next season and if you trade dion for some draft picks and bring up a prospect to actually play (probably better) then you CAN afford him. Better yet if you trade one or both of those guys for him!! It won't happen but yes he could if he wanted...

I think there's a fit for Dion out there, probably in the off season before his no trade kicks in, if you go by the Pronger deal you can get a 2nd line winger and two #1's for him at least.

Look we have a farm team for a reason, to mature players, so if you have a player that excels on the P.P. (Backlund) bring him up, give him the minutes you'd give Prust and let him play the P.P.!! At this point there can not be an argument that you have to earn PP time...it is atrocious and needs a game changing skill player.

By the same token there are players that Calgary has developed that CAN play at the NHL level but do not have any experiance so will be open to embarrasment. Pelech could make the leap, Negrin is close in an offensive way and seabrook has a couple years and he will be good to go. Start clearing out these high priced defensmen that could be replaced just as well by cheaper options!! On the farm they have Jaffray and he's killing it, not getting his due or his chances, right now the top line in the AHL is better than the fourth line in the NHL and that's a problem.
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January 25, 2010 4:55 PM ET | Delete
You're going to take heat for comparing Phaneuf to Pronger. And there's no problem with getting Kovalchuck...it's re-signing him and not losing him for nothing that's the problem. We're not going to play him 10 million. (I'm not sure ANYONE will, but I'm totally against the rental player, and that's 99% what Kovy probably is.) I'm in total agreement of bringing folks up from the minors and benching the underperformers...which is just about everyone.
January 25, 2010 5:29 PM ET | Delete
I might take heat, I'm used to it! I think that Pronger and Phanuef both bring offense, a mean streak and are "franchise" d-men. I agree about renting Kovulchuk, but he could if he wanted to!
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