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"Hot" goalies-Just so we are all clear, this is the N.H.L., all of the goalies are good...even the bad ones are really good. If you can't score it's not because you ran into a hot goalie it's because you have been figured out and have not adapted your play. After a few games it gets really hard to hear the Flames didn't score because Fleury was hot or because Ellis was hot or because Anderson is the second coming of Cheevers... They have problems scoring, they need to address it.

The Powerplay- For the love of god, you have the extra man, find him!! It's what the coaches in peewee tell you, start there! Next move around, sneak into position, have a guy in front of the net. Make sure the guy in front of the net knows how to deflect pucks or is really big or both. Moss was supposed to be that guy who was big but is getting worse and Langkow forgets how to score in the second half of seasons. What to do?

Blocked shots- A recurring theme in a lot of these games is how well the flames are being blocked, this is a prime opportunity to take as many slap shots at full power that you want, if there is any forwards left standing at the end of the game their shins will have holes in them. Make them pay for it! If it's going to be blocked anyway aim for their skates, break a few toes, be men about it.

Fights- Look fights can swing momentum but this is getting stupid, simply taking your first shift and dropping the gloves is pretty dumb, it loses it's effect pretty quick. Pick your spots, maybe try to chip in a goal once in a while.

Regehr, Phanuef, Bouwmeester, Sarich- All above 3 million a year while Giordano is the best one. None of them are bad, they all play a lot and the gaa is very good... but for my money I take Giordano right now. Sad but true. Could Pelech be up here playing like Sarich or even Regehr, I think so, saving about the same money a second line winger costs... just a thought.

Iginla's cloak of invisibility- As long as Jokinen is here to whip we will let Iginla do anything, 04 is in the past what have you done for the Flames lately? Get this team on your back and play the way you are most effective, skating towards the net not the boards. Bourque is making you look bad.

Kipper- We love you, hugs and kisses.

Coaching- okay skate skate skate is not a defensive system just for the record. It's what Keenan preached and why the Flames looked tired in the playoffs. The other teams have adjusted, now you need to take this "system" to the next level and introduce a counter to their parry or the Flames will skate themselves to the golf course in the first round.

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January 16, 2010 1:47 PM ET | Delete
Flames are a good team, but I think you are right they do need more offense. I am surprised the powerplay isn't one of the best in the league with the Calgary D-core. Even as a Canucks fan I can admit Calgary's defense is probably the most impressive in the league.
January 16, 2010 4:21 PM ET | Delete
I feel your pain, the first 2 years Luongo was here the Canucks made every goalie look like Vezina candidates.
January 16, 2010 7:52 PM ET | Delete
The sun was in their eyes. The rink was uphill both ways for them. It was cold...
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