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Flames feed me crow.

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They have timing don't they? I write a blog that outlines how little the Flames have scored lately and they come and show me that they have four lines that can score in a 5-3 win over the Devils. I always hope they do well, I am a fan after all, and if I'm going to point out their shortcomings I guess it's fair to give them props for last night. They were physical, went to the net, made plays and capitalized on opportunities...and looked good!

The crazy thing is that even though they have their work cut out for them moving forward, they are also in the maelstrom that is playoff race in the west. With Detroit beating Nashville, Minnesota losing and Vancouver losing it points out the shifts that can happen any given night. Calgary has two games against Detroit in it's final 20 games, those will be large as will the 7 divisional games left, a chance for redemption on the avs is big on their wish list you can be sure.

Here's what they have to look forward to:

Wild- 3 times
Red Wings- 2 times
Senators- 1 time
Canucks- 2 times
Avs- 2 Times
Sharks- 2 times
Ducks- 1 time
Islanders- 1 time
Bruins- 1 time
Capitals- 1 time
Coyotes- 1 time
Blackhawks- 1 time

8 of the above 12 teams currently have more points than the Flames, that makes 13 of the next 18 games against teams that are, at least points wise, better than them.

Some key match ups will be with Detroit, who they are chasing. Minnesota, who is chasing them. The Avs and Canucks due to divisional reasons and the Capitals...because Ovechkin is awesome. Minnesota is first up tomorrow, an afternoon game, the Flames will be looking for the spanking they got at home in a 4-0 loss.

It gets really interesting from here on out, based on last night a playoff spot would probably be guaranteed with 11 more wins...but the might squeak in with 10.

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March 6, 2010 12:43 PM ET | Delete
Yep Flames played greatIt made me sick Every time Shannon said "This is not Devils hockey" come on buddy your a Flames guy at least give them credit when ti due
March 6, 2010 4:38 PM ET | Delete
I'm up for any Canadian team making the playoffs. Although my Leafs aren't looking to hot it is great to see teams like Vancouver and Ottawa in a sound position and have Montreal and Calgary clawing for every point. Good luck Flames and their fans.
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