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When I look at the Flames' first month in the schedule I at first think it's a touch one until I start looking at the months following it and realize they're all tough.
The season starts out on Oct. 4 against the Flyers and their newest additions, I'd be very surprised if the Brier/Gagne line isn't extremely pumped for that game. This was the worst team Philly fans have had to see in a very long time last year and now look as though they might have a lot of the answers in place. This might have taken several seasons under the old C.B.A.
Following that I don't see a "weak" team until perhaps the L.A. Kings who seemed to have addressed some of their needs by picking up Stuart, Nagy and re-signing Cammalleri however still only have Cloutier on the back end.
If that is a "weak" team you have to think the C.B.A. rectifying parity in the league is a reality, the king's have a very good chance of winning that game with the amount of talent they have and they might be one of the "weaker" teams in the west if not the league.
My point is that it is no longer the "have" teams of the N.H.L., it is truly a league in which parity seems to have become a reality. Think of the worst team in your division last year and the moves they made during the off season and you usually have something to fear.
Even when it comes to the Oilers, they got a little more talent and have re-couped from the devastating injuries they had last year, they won't be as poor as the end of last season. That's tough to say being a flame's fan... .

Looking Forward to some seriously good hockey this year,
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August 13, 2007 6:33 PM ET | Delete
I totally agree with you it will be some fun hockey to watch
August 14, 2007 12:20 PM ET | Delete
I wholeheartedly agree... with one minor exception... what in the world is the franchise of the Coyotes doing? They seem lost... I thought Abby was signed earlier as a backup and now with this signing of Auld, it would appear that Abby is the main man... what??????????? They need to rid themselves of contracts like Jovo, Boynton and Morris... ALL HORRIBLE signings for way too much money. The only positives on that team are the prospects, with only mention of Lisin with a fraction of a chance to crack the roster. I see an AHL team at best here. The only other positive is Reinprecht, which is rumoured to be on the block. Doan used to be a positive, but I don't know about this guy anymore. And to trade away a guy like Adams for Vrbata isn't what I'd consider a very shrewd move... I liken Adams to one of the best defensive F's out there. I'd love to build a team with K. Adams/C. Adams/Yelle or Begin as my third line... CAR had a similar one and it won a cup! They seem like they're being swept into the ocean by the tide... poor Gretz :(
August 14, 2007 1:23 PM ET | Delete
I also think the coyotes are horrible. Last place west next year I would say. The horrible teams from last year did a lot this summer, it should be interesting!
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