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The Flames are facing a huge home and home against their rivals the Vancouver Canucks and lets be clear...it's huge...did I say huge? I meant Godzilla size. Why? That's a great question, it's only a quarter of the way through the season, how big could it be?

Well the Flames have are 4-3-1 against divisional teams this year, barely over .500, the Canucks are 5-0-1 which is pretty much perfect. If the Flames hope to take the north west crown winning the division is key, if they sweep both game the divisional records would be 6-3-1 for the Flames and 5-2-1 for the Cunucks which puts a sizable dent in the Canucks divisional record and increases the chances of ending up with the north west title.

For all the Wild fans out there, I haven't included them in this argument as I feel they've has a soft schedule and have barely faced divisional opponents and when they did they have 1-2 record. I foresee a huge drop in the standings for them very quickly.

Back to this Godzilla home and home though... If the Flames take both, not easy to do this is a great Vancouver TEAM, then they will end up one point behind the canucks and the race is on. If Vancouver takes both then Calgary is really far behind already even though it's only roughly a quarter through the season.

Vancouver is a team playing team concepts and when teams play like that they are tough to beat because they believe in each other. There are no more individuals on their team that are taking away from this team concept, in fact their two best players are anything but being twins. Make no mistake either, Sanford can play, he's no Luongo but he's very good as well.

Calgary has recently adopted a team concept of their own and look to exercise it against the Caunucks. I am very excited for these two games as I feel there might be almost a playoff atmosphere to these games.

So as they say in the old movies with hands raised defensively..."GODZILLA!!!!!"
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November 27, 2008 6:09 PM ET | Delete
This home and home series is huge we really have to start playing well against Vancouver we need a sweep here
November 27, 2008 8:01 PM ET | Delete
Sanford is a starter posing as a backup.... i mean i seriously don't understand why he signed on to be the backup to luongo when he could be fighting for the top spot for probably 10 other teams...These games coming up should be about as intense as playoff hockey, the flames are gonna come out with some desperate hockey and vancouver is going to have to weather the storm. Looking forward to two very good games here.
November 28, 2008 12:30 AM ET | Delete
Well I just watched the Flames take the first half 4-3 and it was intense, i couldn't sit down for the final two minutes. This is what hockey was meant to be! What was with the no call on the hot from behind on Borque from ohlund?
November 28, 2008 12:31 AM ET | Delete
Very impressive game from the flames.no shame in losing tonight, can't wait for saturday.
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