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thought I would do a blog on some news I received. Last time I reported breaking news: well, let's not go there. Most of this news is not new, but it kind of adds to the drama. I have news on three teams: Calgary, Edmonton, and Tampa Bay.

Edmonton Oilers

I tweeted the info earlier. This much I know: the Oilers' names have been leaked in the NJ trade. Cogs, Penner, and Vandermeer are going to the Devils. This much I know: There is a big ticket going back, someone that will help the Oilers. Yes, there will be more cap going back. The second deal is Penner to Pittsburgh. The package involves Orpik as the starting piece going back to the Oilers.

The Oilers would really like to get a dman on their young team. They really would like to pick up a solid dman with experience to help the young corps out. I expect that part of the package going back to Edmonton from the Devils is a defensemen. The rumors that there are problems in the dressing room are not true in Edmonton.

Tampa Bay

The Bolts have really been forced to consider trading Vinny because of young center Steve Stamkos. Apparently he is pretty good. The Bolts know he may get 7 to 9 million a year. The only way they can afford that is to make room for him. The best option is Vinny, whose cap hit is 7.8 million. They really do not have a choice. It's a simple cap issue. Too much money will be invested in three players. I wonder how much longer it will be to take for Vinny to go back to the Habs again.


This much I have been told. There is a deal in principal between the Kings and Flames. The Flames are hoping to get more, so they are waiting for a bit to see if they can get a better offer. They are also waiting to see if they can stay in the playoff hunt. They really don't want to give up on the season quite yet. You can guess who the players are, but I really don't know want to comment.

There are also all sort of rumors that Sutter does not have control of the dressing room. There are a lot of bad feelings in the dressing room. The players are not exactly always on board with the management.

As far as I know, the Flames will be doing one more move besides the big move with LA. Mostly to make more cap room.
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